Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sherry's home!

Sherry got home last month, but we haven't really seen much of her.   After we moved her things in, she took off to be with Granny (my mom Lynda) for 15 days in Baja!


The beach to themselves

With her big fish!

The day after she got back from Baja, she went to the temple for the first time.

The day after that she took a bunch of college friends to Seattle

Chelsea, her roommate/sister from another mister
Then had a bachelorette party for Rachel
With the beautiful bride at Elephant's Deli
Was a bridesmaid for the first time
Luke doesn't want their kisses apparently ;o)
Reunited with some of her very best friends, and her bffe Sasha

Went on a week of amazing dates with Elliot
One of the sweetest and handsomest young men you would ever meet. 
And now is nannying for a week for two of her very favorite girls (the ones next to Minnie)

Before taking of to sunny Texas to be a bridesmaid for the second time, for Hannah!

All the roommates Freshman Year

Snapshots from Hannah's wedding!

When she gets back, she will be working two jobs to save money for her mission.  She leaves in 42 days!   So, even though she is "home,"  we miss her, a lot! 

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