Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ups and downs of life.

Michael and Shavonne are getting married May 9th in the St. George Temple. They met while serving together in Long Beach while Mike visa waited there for 7 months, became friends when they were both at BYU last summer, and found they really loved spending time together and decided to make it eternal. They both work at the Missionary Training Center and are finishing their junior years at BYU.

Sherry is loving every minute of her mission you can read her fun and entertaining stories about it here.

Spencer was accepted to BYU last week, and is finishing his mission papers. He'll graduate from Prairie High School and Clark College both, in June

Tori is doing really well with school, has a Dr. Who instagram fan page, and is finally starting to get excited about Personal Progress

Damon is job hunting, his employer shipped his off to India so if anyone is looking for a high level, creative, solution finding IT genius (I am not biased at all) with great references and 2 decades of multinational experience, let us know

I have the best coworkers at Crafts Americana, the best Mia Maid class, the best family, and the best friends to pray for us during a time of trial and great blessings. I've been enjoying helping friends with their kids' weddings and making some fun decorations for Mike and Shavonne's wedding luncheon and Vancouver reception in my free time.

I am grateful for my own trials and pray for those who are going through harder times than we are. I love my Savior, my Father in Heaven, and my Church which anchors our family through things that we'd rather not have to deal with, but are part of living on earth.
Phillipians 4:13 is one of my favorite scriptures.