Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We're All Together Again

Seriously, we are so blessed by the service of our three missionaries, the sacrifices they made to serve, and our family sacrifices. They have returned with their strengths enhanced, excellent habits, fluent in another language, love for all people, and their sense of humor intact. We couldn't be happier.

Celebrating the Fourth together

Spencer's homecoming celebration
Hiking with Sherry and Johannes

The whole family at the temple (missing baby Jordan)

Here is our cutie!
Daddy and his girls
The Mom Hug

Meeting his brother in law Johannes for the first time and seeing Sherry for the first time in 3 years!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The $8 dress

In early 2009 I was thrift store shopping and found a pretty turquoise color strapless dress that came with a scarf thing I could make into sleeves, it was on sale at a local thrift store for $8.00. Possibly the best bargain ever! Since then, it has been...
Sherry's prom dress

Alice in Wonderland's costume
Kim McAfee in Bye Bye Birdie's costume
Belle Costume for Halloween
Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween
And the latest, Tori's Yule Ball dress!