Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Reception: The Cupcakes and Cutting Cake

My dear friends Terri and Branden created the most gorgeous cutting cake and cupcakes for the reception.

We had dark chocolate raspberry, strawberry vanilla, and banana cream cupcakes and they were possibly more delicious to the taste than they were beautiful! 

Shavonne's "theme flower" were daisies, the cutting cake turned out stunning. Our guests were all so impressed and raved at the deliciousness!
And Shavonne didn't smash it all over his face this time!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Northwest Wedding Reception Part 1: Cottage, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Candy Station, and S'mores!

We were so blessed to have our reception in my friends' gardens. It was a perfect Northwest summer solstice day, with the highs in the upper 70's. 
The gardener built this pretty little cottage and it added to the charming setting for our celebration of Michael and Shavonne's new family.

 I had done a candy station for Sherry's Senior Recital and Party, and it was quite well received, so we revived the idea for the reception. You will note the dark pink candy doesn't quite go with the theme--those are ring pops! I scoured out all the blue and yellow candies I could for five months. 
Loved these cute decorations in the trees to enhance the candy station's setting! 
My dear friend lighting the candles for the koi ponds so I didn't mess up my dress. I have wonderful friends who did the work so I could enjoy our party.
The floating candles were so cute, although they had more impact later in the evening.

We decided to do another ice cream sundae bar like we'd had for our wedding luncheon in Utah. It was so well received and really refreshing in the summertime. Of course we had local Northwest berries! 

I made all the little chalkboard tags, really handy way to let your guests know what everything is for a buffet style meal or dessert table. 
You can tell that we are a family of sweet tooths. The garden has a fire pit, so of course we had to offer s'mores!  Spencer managed the fire with help from cousins Logan and Nathan. Our guests really enjoyed the sweet treats fresh from the fire!

Premade s'mores packets with wedding color ribbon