Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drenched by rain but feet are dry!

Transfers are next week, so I'll find out next Monday. Most likely I'll stay and get a new companion. About time Spencer got his Driver's license! Spencer really does look super young to be at Clark College. But I also looked pretty young when I was there and it didn't really bother me. In fact I still look young, everyone here things Elder Roman is a lot older than me, and they say that I look like I am 16-18, maybe 19. I suppose that's a good thing for when I get old...
The Ducks game sounds intense! 49-0 shutdown?! Of course it was Autzen stadium, but still I was pretty concerned with the Duck Defense after they lost the National Championship two years back. Hopefully this year will be much better ;). Who's Number One? Alabama? I know its probably some SEC Scumbag, but hey its good to know who the Ducks have to beat this year.
Its funny that you mentioned that Sherry said Missionaries that serve in foreign countries need an adjustment period, because I still feel like an American, like I've never even thought, "Oh after the mission I'll need a couple months to get used to America again". Its probably true though, after the mission I'll miss the food in Brasil a lot. Fortunately I'm compiling recipes one by one for when I get back. Let me tell you, there will always be Condensed Milk in my house after Brasil. They use it in EVERYTHING here, well at least all the sweet stuff.
Thank you for changing the names on the blog, I wouldn't ever want to betray the trust of my friends here in Brasil because of that.
The Nike Waterproof boots (link for those interested: http://www.footlocker.com/product/model:25338/sku:65031009/nike-acg-air-max-goadome-mens/black/black/&SID=7111&inceptor=1&cm_mmc=SEM-_-Engine-_-Google-_-Plusbox ) work like a charm. I wear them every single day, and my feet have never been more dry. Also my feet never get too hot in them, I really have no idea how they work so well, I'm just glad they do. Also when it rains here it POURS, its never just a dry mist. Last Monday and Tuesday it rained buckets all day and night. Some people's houses were flooded in a different part of Gravataí, because of the storm. Also we get a TON of thunderstorms here. It's soo cool, someone in our ward said that there were over 2000 lightning strikes in Rio Grande Do Sul last weekend, and I totally believe it. The only problem is the wind breaks umbrellas here Super easy, I've already broken 4 umbrellas and I refuse to buy more. Unfortunately that means I eat a lot of rain walking around the streets, and that in turn makes a person a little sick. But I'm still living which is good.
Fortunately its officially Spring time here, which marks the end of my year-long Winter. I'm finally getting to see some sort of hope of Spring/Summer once again :D.
Last week was pretty hard for us missionaries. We had 2 days of rain, (which is the worst when you have to work in the rain), and also 20th of September is the biggest holiday here in the south. Its the day that started the Farropilha revolution when Rio Grande do Sul tried to seperate from the rest of Brasil. Holidays are also really hard days for missionaries because everyone is Drunk and doesn't want to talk with you, or even worse the people are drunk AND want to talk with you, but at least it makes for some fun contacts :P.
I had two pretty cool experiences last week that I'd like to share with you. Last Monday we lost our cellphone in the rain, as well as all our contacts (which were on the cellphone), so its been pretty hard to coordinate with people and mark appointments and the like. Saturday morning I woke up and was getting ready for the day when I had the distinct impression, "I really should put the number of Sister and President Wright in my planner just in case something happens. It would really suck to be stuck somewhere without a phone and without their number in an emergency." Of course being me I then thought, well nothing ever happens to us, but just in case I'll write down the number of the other Elders and if anything happens I can call them and ask them for the number to President and Sister Wright, or whatever we need. So I wrote down their number and went on our day. After lunch Elder Roman comes up to me and says, "Elder I'm really not feeling good. I am in a lot of pain right here in my tooth." Fortunately I had wrote down the number to the other Elders and was able to talk with them and get Sister Wright's number in order to find out what we needed to do to help him out. After about 3 hours we found ourselves a dentist and he was able to clean out the tooth and fix the problem. I really didn't think much of the impression that morning, but it turned out to save Elder Roman a lot of pain and suffering because I listened to what the spirit had to say.
Sunday we had an amazing lesson with S. She went to church yesterday for the third time and really is liking it, but still has a lot of questions and doubts. We went there last night with the intention of marking the date of her baptism and brought a member, R, with us. We decided it would be best to teach about Apostasy and then share the scripture of Acts 19:1-6 that talks about how people were baptized once, but were rebaptized to receive the Holy Ghost, because she had been baptised once before in the Baptist Church and it was a really spiritual experience for her. We started to teach her and R talked all about Apostasy and the necessity of being baptised once again by authority and to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. After about 40 minutes in the lesson I reminded her of an experience she had had last Saturday. She had received an answer that the Book of Mormon was true, and I reminded her of just that. She told me that she could not deny what she had felt at that moment. I testified to here that really she had received an answer and the Spirit just enveloped the whole room. The power the filled the room is completely indescribable, as I bore testimony that the Book of Mormon really is true, and invited her to be baptised. She paused for a moment and then replied, Yes. We marked her Baptism for October 27th.
I love my life as a missionary, it really is hard, and there are days and weeks that just go absolutely wrong, but in the end the experiences we get to see, the changes and conversions that take place are worth every pain I have ever felt as a missionary.
All my Love,
Elder Henry

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fam update

Spencer got his Driver's License AND started college this week at age 16!  He's taking Political Science, College Algebra, and English.  Still has tennis at Prairie for another month or so too =)

Sherry is crazy busy with her BYU classes which she absolutely LOVES, they seem like a jumble of unrelated classes (Physics of Acoustics, German, Improv, yoga for actors, tap dance, New Testament, Psychology of Performance, private voice lessons) but they all compliment each other and intertwine incredibly well!
(photo: alysesimpson.blogspot.com)
Tori was assigned a beautiful duet by her new music teacher at school, and is having a marvelous school year so far!

Damon took me to a Duck game!
They beat Arizona 49-0, first shutout since 2003 and the defense was incredible.
Now they are the #2 team in the USA--we were fans when they were #102 too.  We love the Ducks!  And each other :-)

Monday, September 17, 2012

In all last week I got really really really wet, but it was REALLY worth it :)

Dear Mom
I'm glad to hear USC was beat up by Stanford. Now the Ducks just have to beat USC and Stanford and it will be smooth sailing to another National Title Game >:). Of course I never really like the Ducks having a high number in the Polls, because I always get super paranoid that the Ducks will fall because they get a little relaxed.
      That's super awesome what Elder Oaks told the people of Utah. I'm sitting here in my seat just cracking up :P. It really should be a general conference talk, or at least published in the Ensign. One thing I've noticed about the politics here in Brasil is that there really is no hatred from one party to the other. Like the two major Parties here in Gravataí are 13 - PT (Partido de Trabalhadors, or rather the workers party), and 15 - PDB (Partido Democratico de Brasil, Democrat Party of Brasil). Of course Politics is a little bit different here in Brasil, they have 50 or 60 different parties that join forces in each city in place of our 2 party system in America. But really the fans of PT don't go around bashing the fans of PDB, and vice versa. Of course there are a ton of adds, and a bunch of music, and people waving banners, handing out pamphlets, and all that jazz, but so much as members and investigators talking about, "All the people from PDB are from the Devil, and we should use all force necessary to take them out!" Or "PT is just a terrible party, why would you ever vote for them". I asked Elder Roman if he'd ever heard someone fight about politics and he looked at me strangely like I had asked a stupid question. "No one here fights over politics, is it normal in the US to fight about such a thing?" Of course there are fanatics in every party, and perhaps because I'm a missionary I don't hear as much of the garbage that goes on, but its pretty nice not to have to debate politics everyday.
I'll fill out the form and send it in priority. Hopefully it will get to me in time, but we will see.
      Speaking of Sherry, every time I show her Senior picture to the families I visit, they are absolutely stunned. They say things like, "She's your Sister?!", "Are you sure she's not a model?" and all sorts of other things like that.
      So our week, well last Tuesday we had a bit of a surprise Zone Conference with Elder Mazzagardi, from the Area Presidency of Brasil. He gave a really powerful talk on pretty much everything, but afterwards I felt rejuvenated to go out and work. I love Zone Conferences, they are some of the best meetings of the mission, especially with General Authorities.
      We then spent most of last week finding... in the rain. It was pretty miserable, but its always 10x worse during the trial than looking back at it. Fortunately at the end of every trial are blessings, and the blessing this week was 11 investigators at church :D. I and his family were at church, and are doing great. They really remind me of the Gonsalves and Brown families, because they are so prepared to receive the gospel :). They are just waiting on some paperwork to finalize the preparations for the Marriage, and then afterwards the baptism! Unfortunately these types of things take a LONG time in Brasil, so we will see how soon will be the Baptism. Its looking like October/November...
      P and Alessandra were both at church as well. One of the talks at church talked specifically about how P's son Alessandro inspired the person giving the talk. She talked about how Alessandro had told her in Primary that he is so grateful for the sacrifices that his mom makes so that their family can stay together and always have food on the table. I'm hoping that this experience will help P to receive the answer she needs to receive her conversion, and be baptised. Everything is ready, I just am waiting on the Lord to give her an answer and change her heart.
      It really is an interesting event that happens when someone receives a testimony. Of course many people receive their testimony (principally people who were born in the church) through time and nourishment in the gospel. But with my recent converts L and L, it really was complete change in an instant. After an instant in a lesson, the Holy Spirit entered and converted them. Its absolutely incredible to see the change in the person from a person to a disciple of Christ happen so quick. Really its the best show on Earth, I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to witness this happen so many times on my mission.
      We are also teaching a woman named S. I didn't even mention her last week I think because I was pretty pessimistic about the whole situation. The first and second time we visited S and N were pretty horrible Bible bashes. N is a less active returned missionary, he served a mission in São Paulo Sul in the 80's and after a separation from his wife and kids, fell away from the church. A member in our ward works at a Market close to N and when he bought Cevada (a coffee substitute that everyone in the church drinks here) she asked him where he lived and what ward he belongs to. After he explained his situation she took down his address and passed it off to us.
      S is VERY Pentecostal Baptist, but last night we had an amazing experience with her. We were explaining about the Book of Mormon and showed her a couple of passages in the Bible that predict the Book of Mormon. One of the Passages was Psalms 85:11 (Which by the way is my LEAST favorite book in all the scriptures, because it really doesn't teach all that much, and is the only book in the Bible that people read here) which talks about how the truth will come forth from the dust. She wanted to confirm that, yes this verse exists in both my bible and your bible, and so she went and grabbed her Bible. She opened up to that passage, and she had already marked the verse in a previous read through the Bible. She really had no idea why she had marked it, because without the context of the Book of Mormon it really is a small overlooked little verse. But the Lord had touched her 2 years ago when she read that verse, enough so to mark the verse. When she saw that mark in her Bible, she received her witness that really what we brought to her home is the Truth. I hope that I didn't butcher this story, because it really was a miracle, from a Bible Bash, to a spiritual experience, complete 180 in our lessons with her.
      The last 4 investigators we had a church were M (a 13 year old young woman, friend of many youth in our ward), G and A(... I don't like to think about that situation), and V (who is still waiting on Prophetic approval for his baptism).
      In all last week I got really really really wet, but it was REALLY worth it :).
All my Love,
Elder Henry
Dear Dad,
I'm actually pretty surprised that the RAM worked for your Mac as computers can get pretty picky about their RAM. Of course I'm not all that excited to come home and see another MacIntosh in our house, but luckily I'll be headed off to Utah soon enough :P.
I wish that I had used my time more wisely in my teenage years like Spencer. He really is such a great kid. I think its super funny that he and Coby are training to be American Ninja Warriors.
Anyways my time has already ran out, I love you lots,
Elder Henry

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gravataí 9/10/12

Dear Dad,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I did remember how old you are as well :P.  I really don't have a lot of time to write this week because P-days are crazy, but I wanted to send you at least a little note on your Birthday.
     I really appreciate all you've done for me, especially that you've always helped me to be focused on serving a mission.  Really this mission means everything to me, and you were the force behind me always helping me to get here.  Thank you for the best present of my life, and I hope you know that I'll always love you.
Elder Henry

 Dear Mom,
This has been the weekend of Birthdays!  With Bailey I know 5 people that had a birthday this weekend.  We had I (one of our investigators) Birthday on the 7th, Sherry on the 8th, Bailey and Alessandra on the 9th, and finally Dad today :).  I'm sitting in the house of one of our investigators using the computer while Elder Roman gets his hair cut, so if this E-mail gets cut a little short, I'll finish up later, just means I'm getting a hair cut :p.
 That's crazy that Lindy is way out in the middle of Europe.  I wonder if she is farther from Washington than I am.  I talk about our week a little more later, but it was kind of a let everything explode in your face and find out what happens kind of week.  Also its raining today.
So our week wasn't too horrible last week, but it was a challenging one.  Luckily it ended on a good note.  We also started teaching a young man by the name of L.  He's 20 and we found him through our English Class that I give every Saturday.  He went to church for the first time yesterday and liked it, and also is reading the Book of Mormon.
The reason last week was rough for us was, A) it rained a lot, B) most of our investigators weren't progressing so we ended up walking around a lot instead of sitting and teaching people.  Also Elder Roman and I had a couple debacles, but we cured those up quickly.  I'm grateful to have a companion that when we do get upset with each other, we talk it out quick and forgive each other within 15 minutes.
Probably the highlight of the week was yesterday at Alessandra's 10th Birthday party.  She and her brother, Alessandro (crazy Brasilians lol), have become my good little buddies ;).  We just have to help P to put down the one cigarette she smokes per day.  Very frustrating this whole Tobacco deal.  I've attached some photos of the party.
Actually I tried, but the computer I'm using doesn't want to work because it has an old slow version of Internet Explorer (yuck!).  I'll send them next week on a better computer.
Anyway hope your week goes well, I love you and pray for you always.
Elder Henry

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elder Henry in Gravatai 9/4/12

Note from Mom:  I use initials instead of names to keep from offending anyone hopefully!  Also, I just love seeing through his letters as he grows to love the people and his companions whereever he serves (and there have been so many areas already!).  It makes me so happy from the inside out!

Dear Dad,
Its so funny, I was so scared to be a missionary before the mission.  I think back on the experiences I had with the Browns, and remember all the times I thought to myself, hmm maybe I should go visit Brother Brown, but then didn't go because I was scared.  Now I realize how AWESOME it would be for a member to just randomly show up and talk with one of my recent converts or investigators.  I'm glad what little I did had an impact on their lives :).
     Spencer is doing full-time Clark huh?  Smart kid, there isn't a day that goes by I regret doing Running Start.  Such a blessing, two years of college for FREE.  Just make sure you don't screw up your grades Spence!  You have to get into BYU with Sherry and I.
Is the Doctor (Dr. Who) the same still or did he have a change this season?  It hasn't died off any has it?  Or is it still as great as the first time we watched it?
     Hope you are enjoying a nice day off.  This Friday is Independence day for Brasil so I really have no idea what it will be like.
Lots of Love,
Elder Henry

Dear Mom,
You can let Tori know that she's right, there are no such things as screen doors here :P. 
     Our areas here are much bigger geographically, and more people live in smaller spaces here.  Our ward covers about the same size as our stake (minus Ridgefield) so its much easier for members to share the gospel with friends and co-workers.  Also here they don't hold very firm to the rules of boundaries when it comes to family, they just go where their family is, although usually the family all lives on the same city block.
     How crazy, Elder Clark has a baby (Jenna and Brett Clark).  I'm starting to feel the fact that I've been gone from home for a long time.  Yesterday I went to an investigators house, who's son was playing League of Legends, and I thought, "Great!  I can talk to him about the game and ease him into talking about the Gospel", until I realized that the game had changed so much in a year or so that I really had nothing to talk to him about... 
     Fruits are so much cheaper here.  66 cents per pound is expensive here.  Usually I buy fruits (Oranges, Tangerines, Apples, etc.) for 1 real per Kilo, or about 22 cents per pound.  I love Brasil!
One of the members gave me their cell phone to talk to someone (because here in Brasil the church doesn't give the missionaries an unlimited plan like they do in the states) and it had a touch screen.  I felt like such a loser because I didn't understand how to use it, I was pressing all the wrong buttons and everything pretty much exploded in my hand.  Tori's going to have to teach me how to use this touch screen non-sense when I get home with her tablet.
     Neither you nor dad told me who the Ducks were playing against.  How come USC is number one again?  Do the Ducks have the depth they need to support all the injuries they are going to have this season?
     The only other thing I desire from my Christmas package is Toffee, but I really have no idea if it will last ~2 months in freight :P.  Probably I'll have to go without this year.  From everything I've heard summer here is going to be scalding hot.  Around 35-42 degrees Celsius.  I'm not looking forward to it...
     So our week was pretty normal.  We ended up cutting a bunch of people that weren't progressing and went back to finding new's.  We were trying the normal methods to find and really nothing was working out the way I wanted it to, so we asked our district how we should go about finding people.  Like the States, knocking doors is ineffective and makes me cry (metaphorically speaking).  In response to our question our district leader, Elder Cefalo, told us about an idea President Pavan had given him a year or so ago.  Go put out a table in the middle of a park with a sign that says, FREE STUFF.  When people come to grab the DVDs of the church, Books of Mormon, Pamphlets that we have, get their address and tell them you will deliver it to their door.  So we thought, lets give it a try.
Of course we had your regular hobo's that see the word FREE and ask for stuff, and your bible bashers, but we actually had a couple really good contacts that came from Tabling.  One is named J, and she asked us for video Lamb of God.  We delivered it to her last Saturday and talked about the restoration.  She then told us about how she never walks by where we were and how she felt prompted by the Spirit to walk by our table.  Absolutely incredible!  We asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she accepted.  We are going back tomorrow to talk with her again.
     Also a less active member of the church saw us sitting out in the Park, came up to us and asked us, "when is church?"  Then yesterday at church she was there.  I couldn't believe the success we saw after just 2 hours sitting in a park with a sign that says free stuff on it.
     We also have a baptism marked this Sunday.  We are helping her quit smoking and she already gave up coffee (which is huge here, much more so than in the States).  Unfortunately her son was sick yesterday and couldn't make it to church, but this Sunday she'll be there again for her baptism :).
     Really there is nothing better in this work than to see someone accept the truth, and repent of their sins.  Such a burden is lifted from the person, and the Atonement of Christ is allowed to settle into their lives.  I feel so blessed to be a servant of the Lord in this work, because I have the privilege to see people change and grow and live happily with their families for all eternity.  What a Privilege :).
Anyways that's pretty much our week.  We were invited to speak at an Seventh Day Adventist school this morning for their religion class.  It was interesting, to say the least, but a very friendly atmosphere overall.  Out of all the other religions out there that I've come to know in my time as a missionary, the Adventists are one of my favorites.
Send my love to everyone in the Saint Johns ward, especially the Brown Family.
I love you,
Elder Henry 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Adventures with Sherry: Tender Mercies When the Car Breaks Down & Grandpa goes to the Hospital

Sherry got to come home for a quick 5 day "summer break."  Her job this summer with BYU Housing for all of the conferences and camps went from the time she finished finals until a week before school started again.  So she had a lot of dentist appts, hair cuts, best friend and family time to try and pack into 5 short days.
Sherry's hair before (it hasn't been this long since middle school)
She had some sleepovers with Sasha and it was nice for the two of them to get to experience a few days of their relaxed summer they had last year just being silly together.
Kierstin Sherry and Sasha together for the first time in 2 years!
I have no idea what this Cat and Mouse game is about lol

She got to see two of her very favorite teachers, Claire and Monika, Monika and her family are moving north of Seattle so it was especially important.  And of course two of her favorite girls are their daughters (who have played Sherry's daughters and sisters in various shows lol).

I whisked her off to the beach for a night and we did some shopping with Granny, my mom is only here for a short time this summer so thank goodness we could fit the trip in!  She also got to know my coworkers a bit, we stayed with them in Diedre's lovely beach house in Tillamook.
Sher Bear and Gran Gran
We went to the Nike store, aka Sherry's favorite place to shop.  And Sherry thought she saw Rudy Fernandez in the parking lot so I hit a U-ie and we went to go and see...but it wasn't him.  It was fun anyway.
In one of her new outfits
With her #1, Sam Marrott
A bit of a brotherly fight between Sam and Ben over Sherry haha--she dumped Ben for Sam a couple years ago so she caused this sibling rivalry, tsk tsk
(We won't talk about how Tori felt about having her sister home, taking the attention away...haha)

      The day Sherry went home all started out nicely, with delicious strawberry waffles made by Daddy.  Who went to play basketball (even though he "wasn't going to").  After we ate breakfast I decided that we should check all the signals in the Subaru before Spencer's driver license test.  So I went out to where it was parked right behind the truck, and started checking the signals, and the front blinkers weren't working!  This is a little over an hour before Spencer's Test!  So Dad comes out and starts trying to figure out what is going on and getting into the wires to find the problem and so forth.  After a few minutes of this we decided I better get Spence ready and take him to practice in the Beast (our Toyota Sequoia 8 passenger SUV).  So we leave about 10:15 to help him get comfortable with The Beast which he rarely drives and he's doing awesome.  I feel great like he will pass it anyway.  Then Dad calls around 10:45 after we are at the DMV and says the blinkers worked the whole time, they are just recessed in the front bumper underneath, where we could not see them because of how it was parked.  So Spencer goes to take his test.  He starts out good but very nervous.  About 10 min later he comes back and finds me with a yellow paper.  He failed.  He stopped at a sidewalk before taking a left, a jogger started coming toward him, and he was worried that he was too far into the sidewalk, started to back up, and didn't check to see if anyone was behind him, the person behind him honked, and he automatically failed.  Poor kid!  It is all Sherry's fault, of course, since we wanted to send her back with Elmo but she is tired of having people judge her for having an unusual and economically thrifty car, plus wanted to be able to take her roommates to the Brigham City Temple Open House. 
    So Sherry takes off in the Subaru for Provo.  A couple hours later we get a phone call.  It is Sherry and the car is vibrating really funny.  Dad told her to slow down, and plan to go to Les Schwab in Hermiston which is around 50 miles away at this point.  She calls back a half hour later and it was really being awful so she pulled over at an exit, then the car would not start.  Fortunately for her, Grandpa & Grandma Nichols were in Hermiston for an LDS Reception for Grandma's nephew's son (they are LDS too).  I had talked to them the week before because I kept feeling prompted to call them.  So I called them and my dad answered and said they would go pick up Sherry.  I guess I called him right after she first called, then we gave her his number and had her call them when the car died.
      Grandpa & Grandma went and picked up Sherry and Trisha, meanwhile Dad went and rented a car towing trailer from U-Haul to pick up the Subaru, and I drove Elmo so Sherry could get back to Provo since school was starting Monday (this was Saturday if I didn't mention that already).  DEEP BREATH.  So we make the three hour trek and finally get to the Subaru, I put the few of Sherry's things into Elmo that she didn't grab (smart girl) and Daddy pulls up.  He backs up toward the white car and we decide we had better see if it will start.  Yup it started right up and he drove it onto the trailer.  So I start driving toward Hermiston and Sherry, and my dad calls me.  "Rollyce is taking me to the hospital, we think I had a mini stroke, and the girls are at our hotel."  I asked him to repeat because I didn't think I heard him right.  So I call Dad, then Sherry, then Spencer, then Aunt Vikki, and let them all know what is going on to get some prayers happening.  At this point I realize that the white car was supposed to break down so we could be there for my dad and Grandma Nichols.  We got the girls on the road (they didn't get to Boise where her friend Jacob Strain saved them by letting them have his room until after midnight, since it was almost 8pm by this time).  Then we headed to the hospital.  Sure enough, Grandpa had a mini stroke and they ran a bunch of tests to see what was going on.  He is doing awesome and they found a 70% blockage in one of his carotid arteries, so he will be having a consultation with a neurologist Monday then surgery of some type.  Happy ending there, happy ending for Sherry, and Damon has checked on the Subaru now and it looks like a happy ending--there was a big lump on one of the tires (it was old), and maybe something came loose to do with the alternator or a fuse and that is why it wouldn't start.  Plus he realized it will be easy to replace the struts which it needs. (the repairs only ended up costing a little over $200).
    The Lord's Hand is absolutely in our lives, even in the tiny little minutia of living here on earth.  He truly cares about each of us, His children even in our little life here on Earth with billions of other children of God!
     Sherry is safely back at BYU, super busy with all of her classes (various performance classes that sound like a jumble but all fit together perfectly, plus a Physics of Sound class, New Testament and German), voice lessons, and working at Heritage central building.  My dad is fighting with the stupid doctors offices to get his treatment, apparently the hospital should have just transferred him so he could get things rolling instead of playing "I need your records, you need a different type of doctor, but your Primary Care has to refer you, I need your records but we can't read a CD..."  Wow.  Hope he doesn't have another stroke and all of them get Owned.

PS  I couldn't resist sharing a couple more pics from her photo session with Heather.  She wore little makeup for acting headshots so she would be a "blank slate" for directors to see they could work with.  So lovely.