Monday, September 24, 2012

Fam update

Spencer got his Driver's License AND started college this week at age 16!  He's taking Political Science, College Algebra, and English.  Still has tennis at Prairie for another month or so too =)

Sherry is crazy busy with her BYU classes which she absolutely LOVES, they seem like a jumble of unrelated classes (Physics of Acoustics, German, Improv, yoga for actors, tap dance, New Testament, Psychology of Performance, private voice lessons) but they all compliment each other and intertwine incredibly well!
Tori was assigned a beautiful duet by her new music teacher at school, and is having a marvelous school year so far!

Damon took me to a Duck game!
They beat Arizona 49-0, first shutout since 2003 and the defense was incredible.
Now they are the #2 team in the USA--we were fans when they were #102 too.  We love the Ducks!  And each other :-)

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