Monday, December 25, 2017


Much much overdue Henry updates. My hands are tired a lot from typing/mousing at work so I have not updated the blog for way too long. My apologies to you and myself since it is an important family history tool!

This year Damon & I celebrated our 28th Anniversary

Jordan & Johnny (Photo by Hope Staves Photography)

Little brother Johnny!
Michael & Shavonne had a whirlwind summer, they bought a house and had a baby all within a month! They live just south of Cincinnati Ohio. Jordan is the most loving big brother to Johnny that we could imagine, he is a little whirlwind of energy & joy. We miss him terribly, along with his terrific parents.

Another child graduated from BYU
Sherry (and baby) at the Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU Class of 2017

Sherry & Johannes welcomed baby Felix a few weeks after Sherry graduated with a degree in Theater Arts with a minor in Management. She is working for FamilySearch, mostly from home but in the office a couple of days a week when Johannes is home with the baby. 
Isn't he just a doll? He loves to "sing" and "talk" a lot and has a high pitched squeal like his mommy did. He resembles both parents, I think!

Spencer found the love of his life! 
Spencer & Kiana Moon Henry

Photos by Heather Gibert Photography
 After serving in Gu├ícimo Costa Rica, these two became friends who wrote each other over the 6 months Kiana was still on the mission & Spencer was home at BYU. When she returned they had some classes together with other mission friends, hit it off, & eventually Spencer somehow convinced her she couldn't live without him.
 Spencer & Kiana are such a great team, they are both studying science & Spanish at BYU, Kiana plans to teach and currently is a TA for Physical Science & coaches a jump rope team, while Spence hooks people up to a zillion instruments for sleep studies, takes their blood, does MRI's, & manages the other research assistant students for Professor Kay. They hope to spend some time in Pittsburgh this coming year so Spencer can study there for a semester, he will take the MCAT the following Spring. They both love reading Harry Potter.

I just have to mention what an amazing gift all of our children's new families are to our family. The Moons love Spencer like another set of parents, as it should be, and offer the kids support & excellent advice as well as a terrific example. We have been so blessed with our children in law and their families.

Last but never least, we have another missionary serving (and we didn't even have to say goodbye to her, Sister Henry is serving here in Vancouver and living at home!)

Tori also graduated from high school this year, she plans to attend either LDS Business College or BYU-I after her mission. We took her to Hawaii for her senior Spring Break #spoiledyoungestchild 

2017 has been another wonderful year for the Henry family. We are all healthy, including our parents, we have jobs we enjoy, are able to travel a bit to visit the distant children & grandchildren, & love our church family we are blessed to serve as well as receive service from. Damon is really enjoying his time in the Bishopric, Lisa is getting to know the 14-15 year old girls in her new assignment, & Tori is also serving as our Ward Chorister. 

God bless you, may your new year be full of goodness and hope.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We're All Together Again

Seriously, we are so blessed by the service of our three missionaries, the sacrifices they made to serve, and our family sacrifices. They have returned with their strengths enhanced, excellent habits, fluent in another language, love for all people, and their sense of humor intact. We couldn't be happier.

Celebrating the Fourth together

Spencer's homecoming celebration
Hiking with Sherry and Johannes

The whole family at the temple (missing baby Jordan)

Here is our cutie!
Daddy and his girls
The Mom Hug

Meeting his brother in law Johannes for the first time and seeing Sherry for the first time in 3 years!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The $8 dress

In early 2009 I was thrift store shopping and found a pretty turquoise color strapless dress that came with a scarf thing I could make into sleeves, it was on sale at a local thrift store for $8.00. Possibly the best bargain ever! Since then, it has been...
Sherry's prom dress

Alice in Wonderland's costume
Kim McAfee in Bye Bye Birdie's costume
Belle Costume for Halloween
Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween
And the latest, Tori's Yule Ball dress!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kopischke Wedding: The Couple


Photos of the most joyful couple many of us have ever seen on a wedding day--the smiles just really never left their faces. No stress, no bridezilla, no groomzilla either ;)

Our wonderful photographer was Tara Mansius  with Amy Morgan as second shooter at the reception. Thank you so much for capturing this delightful day!
Bridal gown: B1502 in white from  Allyse's Bridal, Provo Utah and it has pockets!
Groom's tie Bar III Carnaby Collection Coburg Dot Skinny Tie  in green from Macy's, suit purchased in Germany

Sherry Henry Kopischke

Johannes Kopischke

Cake toppers

The real Johannes

This cute little boy just walked up to Sherry and gave her a flower he had picked.