Monday, September 7, 2015

Sherry & Johannes Kopischke Wedding - candids

Gorgeous newlyweds (TM Custom Portraits)
Coming out of the Portland Temple

Isn't that.......

Yes I do believe....

Cinderella and her Prince Charming!

They were the happiest bride and groom we'd ever seen!

L <3 V E

Love this! Sherry with two of her best friends Katy & Sasha.
All of us waiting outside the Bride & Groom exit door
Damon's and my families--Tori, Carl & Rollyce Nichols, Ace & Lynda Bryant, Michael & Shavonne Henry, Sherry & Johannes, Damon & I, Lou & Ranell Henry, and the Giberts
Erich, Christiane, and all of their children who came from Germany! (Missing Jenny's husband and Daniel's wife) from left, Toby, Anika, Jenny, Sherry, Johannes, Christiane, Erich, Benjamin, Katha, Daniel, & Simon)
Cheesy grins!
Such a perfect day! The temple looked amazing!!!
 I can't wait for the official photos! =) TM Custom Photo

The Portland Oregon Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sherry dreamed of being married here her entire life, and her dream came true!
Portland Oregon Temple

(TM Custom Portraits)
Portland Oregon Temple

Portland Oregon Temple
Cousins! Aunt Heather & Uncle Jon helped to raise Sherry, they live just down the street.
Tori the beautiful bridesmaid for her second sibling getting married with Ava the lovely flower girl & Granny photobomb
The beautiful Winters ladies came from Utah to visit the Northwest and attend the wedding--they were such a help and a gift! Love them!
Is there anyone else here? Haha so cute. They are probably speaking in German (one of Johannes's four languages--he served his mission in Greece, and studied Latin in school)

It was the most beautiful day of the summer!
Johannes thought these socks were perfect to marry an American princess in ;)
Four of the six Girls of 4217 freshman year at BYU--Hannah Johnson Rios, Sherry Henry Kopischke, Rachel Olson Armstrong, and Skylar Kettering <3

Childhood choir friends <3
Jordan, Lauren, Johannes, Sherry, and Carly. Friends forever!
Johannes patiently waiting in line for his food, like a good boy

Love these photos of the Kopischkes at the reception--so much joy!

Mission friends! Mark & Pauline Smith (Salzburg ehe paars) and Kori Peterson (Sherry's trainer) =)
Kori and boyfriend Corey. No seriously haha
ChaiDee Woods Brown and Nick Brown. ChaiDee (pronounced Shady) was Sherry's "greenie buster" and they will be friends forever. That companionship really helped Sherry learn what she wanted in a forever companion, they worked so well together.
Alpine Missionaries Beth Winters, Kori Peterson, Pauline Smith, Mark Smith
Newlyweds and "like newlyweds" the Smiths were just a tremendous blessing to Sherry in Salzburg, which she felt was her most difficult area, where she grew tremendously and experienced challenges, and learned to be an authentic missionary.

Porcelain teapots to honor Christiane who collects them...more details in another post later =)

Sherry and Johannes said afterward that the reception was perfect. It meant a lot, Sherry did not have time to plan everything so she gave a few ideas and a basic theme (elegant picnic, gingham tablecloths, lots of flowers) and I ran with it along with my amazing friends who helped me, especially Debbie & Larry Draper, Carol Maynes, Terri & Mike Lejeune, Kathy Burton, Heather & Jon Gibert, Lynda & Ace Bryant, Rachael Jackson, Jill Catherine & Beth Winters, Linda Alvstad, TraceCe Woods, Kym Gibert, Jennifer Davis, Peggy Wood, & Nick & ChaiDee Brown.
End of the ring exchange, Sherry is so cute =)
Video of the Kopischke version of Edelweiss:
Their first dance was pretty epic, you can see it here 

Matt & Haley (Junior Bridesmaid) dancing

Katy & Ulrik in the foreground

Sherry really wanted to dance the night away at her reception and she did, it was really so fun and our band was fantastic! You can find them here:
The floral arch was amazing! My friends Linda Alvstad and Racheal Jackson created it for us!
Monika Tabor with Paul Paresa and the People--Sherry requested her high school choir teacher join the band for a couple of numbers, so she sang for the Father-Daughter & Mother-Son dance =)

Such a perfect day! 

Formals from a styled shoot for LovelyChic Planning in Utah by Alissa Paige Photography

And a video of the "first look" and shoot (breathtakingly adorable)

Thank you to the friends & family who took and shared these photos!