Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Details. Sherry & Johannes' wedding

Most of the decorating details were made by myself, aka the bride's crazy mom Lisa, and executed with the help of about 20 of my dearest, kindest friends. Sherry requested a picnic theme with gingham tablecloths and "lots of multi colored flowers, including sunflowers." We took that theme and a zillion Pinterest ideas, mixed in a nod to the Groom's German heritage, and had fun! One sad note, traffic was horrible on Friday afternoon after the sealing and photos so a few things didn't get done or put up, but the bride, groom, and groom's family all felt like it was perfect.

This was a piece of my neighbors' fence I salvaged, cute photo display!
Pallet signs: I love free materials to work with! I learned lettering in the 6th grade and it came in handy!
Lyrics by Chris DeStefano and Andy Grammer
We used wheat as an accent because of its repeated theme through the Portland Oregon Temple and it's scriptural symbolism. Guests signing the guest quilt below (I work for Connecting Threads quilt company)

I have done candy stations several times since 2011 and this one was a real hit with the guests! I wrote fun sayings that went with the different candies like "I'm bananas over you," "of all the fish in the sea, I choose you," and "our parents are hoping for 'six lets'"

Johannes wanted cherubs for cake toppers, this was the best I could do haha
My niece Kym made the cutting cake and carrot cake cupcakes with her parents' help, I made the ganache cupcakes and mint brownies, and my friend Terri and husband Mike made the raspberry lemon cupcakes.
"You speak German like a broken lamb" (Johannes' first pick up line. Not smooth, but somehow it worked)

My sister in law Heather, friend Julie, and I made a million buntings. They are SO CUTE overhead! I love them mixed with lights too but we ran out of time so the lights were all by themselves over the dance floor.
Love the paper lanterns!

The Drapers' yard and garden was just exquisite.

My dear friend Carol Maynes and her crew of our friends outdid herself with the beautiful and delicious food. It was amazing!

More crafts I made. Yes I am crazy! It was fun though and I am so happy to look back at this exquisite day.

We incorporated porcelain teapots and teacups to honor Johannes' mom Christiane, who's collected them since she was a newlywed. Thanks Terri!

I assigned tables so no one would be unsure where to sit orhave to sit alone.

My stepdad Ace was such a blessing, he tirelessly helped!

 The lights that were supposed to have the triangle buntings between. They look cool still!
 So cute!

Johannes had USA theme socks haha

Kopischke family singers---I think this was everyone's favorite part! 

 Kym the cake maker

 We had our friend Kathy play the harp during the dinner hour. It was amazing!

Is this arch my friends Linda and Rachel made just the most beautiful floral arch you've ever seen?!! I am still in love with it! They used a base of hops and added flowers to it with little water tubes on the non-hardy ones.

Best first dance ever! If you don't do anything, choreograph your first dance, it is far more fun and interesting for your guests!

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