Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gravataí 9/10/12

Dear Dad,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I did remember how old you are as well :P.  I really don't have a lot of time to write this week because P-days are crazy, but I wanted to send you at least a little note on your Birthday.
     I really appreciate all you've done for me, especially that you've always helped me to be focused on serving a mission.  Really this mission means everything to me, and you were the force behind me always helping me to get here.  Thank you for the best present of my life, and I hope you know that I'll always love you.
Elder Henry

 Dear Mom,
This has been the weekend of Birthdays!  With Bailey I know 5 people that had a birthday this weekend.  We had I (one of our investigators) Birthday on the 7th, Sherry on the 8th, Bailey and Alessandra on the 9th, and finally Dad today :).  I'm sitting in the house of one of our investigators using the computer while Elder Roman gets his hair cut, so if this E-mail gets cut a little short, I'll finish up later, just means I'm getting a hair cut :p.
 That's crazy that Lindy is way out in the middle of Europe.  I wonder if she is farther from Washington than I am.  I talk about our week a little more later, but it was kind of a let everything explode in your face and find out what happens kind of week.  Also its raining today.
So our week wasn't too horrible last week, but it was a challenging one.  Luckily it ended on a good note.  We also started teaching a young man by the name of L.  He's 20 and we found him through our English Class that I give every Saturday.  He went to church for the first time yesterday and liked it, and also is reading the Book of Mormon.
The reason last week was rough for us was, A) it rained a lot, B) most of our investigators weren't progressing so we ended up walking around a lot instead of sitting and teaching people.  Also Elder Roman and I had a couple debacles, but we cured those up quickly.  I'm grateful to have a companion that when we do get upset with each other, we talk it out quick and forgive each other within 15 minutes.
Probably the highlight of the week was yesterday at Alessandra's 10th Birthday party.  She and her brother, Alessandro (crazy Brasilians lol), have become my good little buddies ;).  We just have to help P to put down the one cigarette she smokes per day.  Very frustrating this whole Tobacco deal.  I've attached some photos of the party.
Actually I tried, but the computer I'm using doesn't want to work because it has an old slow version of Internet Explorer (yuck!).  I'll send them next week on a better computer.
Anyway hope your week goes well, I love you and pray for you always.
Elder Henry

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