Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Henry this week!

Looks like a delicious meal for the Elders!

Dear Dad,
Have I ever told you that whenever I tell people that we (mostly you) made an electric truck everyone just thinks I'm the coolest missionary ever? Thanks for that dad ;).
     That's awesome that you all went to the baptism. We have a pretty hard time in our Ward getting anyone to go to baptisms, so I'm sure the missionaries appreciated your presence.
     Our weather is FINALLY getting cooler. Last week was almost felt like summer again. I'm hoping it was our last week of hot weather and that from here on out it will start getting into the cool winter weather. It's a comfortable 18 degrees out right now, right where I like it. (Celsius of course :P).
       That's a bummer about the controller, but I'm kinda confused. How are you gonna get a Zilla? I thought they stopped making them 3 years back. Did they go back to making them again?
     I can't wait till Sunday to chat it up. Love you Dad.
Elder Henry

M.'s baptism!

Dear Mom,
Seems like you completely forgot that Mother's day is this week lol. From what I remember you guys get done with church at 2 right, which would be 7 for me. So I'm planning on calling home at about 2, 2:15 your time. Same rules as ever, and I'll use my skype account to call.
     Week was good. We baptised M yesterday which was good. Other than that we have been working and ended up cutting a couple of investigators from our teaching pool, but that's normal missionary life for you. We are working a lot with less actives and completing families and the like. The last two days have been pretty hectic with running all over the place doing baptismal interviews and service projects. I'm pretty excited to just relax a little bit today after a weekend rush.
     I got news from BYU that I didn't qualify for a scholarship because my GPA is too low. (its like 3.3-3.4 and the cut off for half scholarship is 3.6). I'll need to get a good job when I get home that's for sure, so I can pay for my schooling.
     That's super exciting for Spencer that he could go to his first Baptism where he helped out :).
I love you Mom, I'll talk more on Sunday!
Elder Henry

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