Monday, May 27, 2013

Last transfer of the mission.

Vitor & Douglas's baptism
Transfers!  I'll be staying here and training and Elder Chidester will be leaving.  I'm pretty excited to train for my last transfer, I can't wait to see who will be my greenie :).
     One more thing about BYU, Elder Black said that there might be room in his apartment for another couple people and I would LOVE to live with him, but I remember you saying something about paying a deposit.  Is there anyway for me still to switch over to his apartment?  I'll see him tomorrow at Transfers so I'll be able to get more details from him. 
     That's super cool about the new mission in Vancouver.  Where are they going to put the mission office? 
So this weekend was the Baptism of Vitor and Douglas.  It still kind of blows my mind how many baptisms we've had, honestly it doesn't feel like so many because it was just one family.  We started teaching a new couple that went to the Ward dinner party last Friday.  There names are Chay (sounds like Shy) and Guilherme.  Guilherme was a really successful investor until the 2008 crash and lost everything.  We had a great first lesson on Sunday, and I just love sitting and talking with him as he pretty much went the same career path that I'm looking at.  Anyways they both loved the dinner and want to go to Church next Sunday.
     Well this E-mail is kinda short, but there wasn't too much more that happened.  I love you all.
Elder Henry
Burger King & McDonalds with Vitor on P-day

Dear Dad,
 Here its really common as well for missionaries to pick up 9-11 year old kids off the streets and teach and baptize them which I really just do not like.  If this family stays active and continues firm in the church, there will be many missionaries that come from their family :).  The gospel really works the best when the family learns together in the home.
     I'm pretty excited to receive my greenie tomorrow.  I'm really quite happy I'll have the opportunity to get a brand new missionary, although it is a really big responsibility as your trainer really shapes how the rest of your two years go.  I'm excited though :)
Love you Dad.
Elder Henry

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