Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photos and update from Elder Henry

With Elder Paula, one of the zone leaders

Bishop, Elder Chidester and me, Super-Heros of Mathias Velho!

We had a wonderful Skype visit with Elder Henry, and no technical difficulties this time (although he called an hour later than we expected, since our time changed and he didn't realize it).  He loves Brazil so much and he is going to miss Rio Grande do Sul a lot when he comes home he said.  They are working on continuing to build the ward in Mathias Velho, and his English is a lot better than it was at Christmastime because of his American companion Elder Chidester.  A few highlights:

They continue to teach and baptize people and have found a large family who are embracing the Gospel. 

The ward and the Bishopric are doing great things to strengthen the ward and even though they didn't like the food at his Mexican Fiesta, they appreciate the effort that was put into it and Michael appreciates that they still give him a hard time about it hahaha/kkkkk.   (kkk is haha in Brazil).  The family who's computer he used to Skype us was really funny and made him tell us about it!

Michael and his companion have lots of fun on Pday, they had a churrasco (barbeque) this week with an investigator and sometimes play games like Risk.

 He told us about some crazy things in Brazil like how there are dead chickens left in places as an offering and people go around with chicken blood on their heads to become part of some cult down there. 

He was sort of awkward like it seems like all missionaries are toward the end of their missions--it will be "fun" to have him home and adjusting (aka sending him to Provo asap! haha).

He will be training for his final transfer and is SUPER excited about it!!!!  He is not cruising toward finishing his mission, he really serves with all of his heart each day and we are so proud of him!

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