Monday, June 3, 2013

Let's learn Spanish again too!

Elder Mendoza, E.'s dad, E., and Elder Henry!
Dear Mom,

Do you have any contact with Elder Black's Mom? Because he pretty much didn't know anything about anything, he didn't know if his Apartment fits 4 or 6. Anyways I can't talk with him anymore about the situation because he went way out into the middle of nowhere and I can't e-mail him while I'm on the mission.

That's super cool that you guys went down to Eugene for a baptism!

Only 6 more weeks before Sherry leaves LOL. I bet she's anxious to leave. (Actually it's a little over  5 now!)

We had E's baptism this Sunday, the other man in the Picture (other than my companion) is his Dad. He felt super good at the baptism and we are going to start teaching him today as well. I'm pretty excited, it would be awesome for both of them to go to church together :).

Anyways the LAN house is closing I'm gonna have to get going. Lots of Love.

Elder Henry
PS Forgot to tell you, My new companion is Elder Mendoza, from Paraguay! He doesn't speak English, and is learning Portuguese! Maybe I'll pick up his Spanish and speak 3 languages when I get home!

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