Monday, June 10, 2013

Another great week topped off with a baptism!

Sister Ferinho's birthday party with the zone

Ana LĂșcia's Baptism

Dear Mom,
Nope, I'll probably order the suits next week. I talked a little bit more about prices, and turns out its not -as- awesome as a deal as I thought it was. Its gonna be about 100$ per suit, depending on the fabric I choose there the finished suit will fall between $75 and $125 and comes with the pants, which is still a great deal I think, but its not quite as good as I thought it would be. I'm thinking that we'll only have money for one suit, and I'll probably get another black with pin-stripes because the one I took on the mission is pretty battered up from 2 years...
     Yeah I'm pretty sure there's no way I can afford Alpine Village... Waaaay too expensive for me. I was looking at the BYU website right now and trying to remember a little bit about Southridge, and I'm pretty sure I had a friend the lived there, Dave. What I remember about the apartment is that it was kind of dirty, and had a really small living area. Of course the dirtiness was probably the tenants fault and not the apartment, but I'll ask Sherry a little bit about it.
     Awww, Strawberry Shortcake sounds soooo good right now.... Heh, my companion just got done writing his family in Spanish, and now he's trying to talk to me in Spanish without even realising it :P. Fortunately I'm starting to pick up on his Spanish, but he usually has to repeat 2 or 3 times before I understand. I totally know what he's going through, because whenever I wrote you guys right when I got here, I had a terrible time trying to write Portuguese, because you are thinking in English instead of Portuguese.
     Weather today is grey with a chance of rain. Good old Washington weather. What I don't understand is there appears to be -more- Mosquitoes now than in the Summer! They should all be dead already! Don't they know that when winter comes they need to DIE!? It's not nearly as cold as last year in Rio Pardo. I think it stays a little bit warmer here closer to Porto Alegre.
     Elder Mendoza is speaking really well, because Spanish is really close to Portuguese. Its really quite interesting, because about half the words in Spanish are the same as Portuguese, and the other half are completely different.
     We had another baptism yesterday, an 8 year old who goes to church with her grandma, who is going to church for like 25 years, but never was baptised because of some problems in her documents. Anyways it was a nice service, we'll see if we can't string up another baptism this week, we are on a 4 week roll here! I don't want to stop it now. What's cool is Elder Mendoza can say that he's baptised every single week of his mission until this point LOL. I'm really glad that we are able to have baptisms together, because I remember my first transfer in the mission without baptisms, and I kind of felt like, man this baptism thing is -never- gonna happen.
     Anyways I should go write the rest of the family. Love you Mom.
Elder Henry

Dear Dad,

It's still quite strange to me that we are in different seasons. You are getting the pool set up, Mom's making Strawberry Shortcakes, and we are starting up our soup season, the wood stoves are coming out, and everyone is settling down for winter. You know there is nothing more awesome than a wood stove. Food just tastes a hundred times better when it's cooked on a wood stove, and of course you keep the whole house warm. Every time I see one here, it reminds me of Great Grandma's wood stove in her house in Eugene.

Love You Dad,

Elder Henry

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