Monday, April 22, 2013

Not getting transferred, hooray!

Dear Mom,

Did you ever know that I hate writing? I could never be an author, just sitting down and thinking about the huge task of writing everyone back after reading the e-mails just makes me sick to my stomach. Well here we go!

So tomorrow is transfers, and I and Elder Chidester are staying together. I'm super surprised by this, because I thought for sure we were having too good of a time together to stay together. All my other companions I've had that I absolutely loved I only got to stay with them for a transfer. Well I'm not going to complain about it :P.

Yup, Elder E. Black lived in the same part that Sherry is going to serve in in Switzerland.

This week was pretty rough in the work again. I don't really understand it, because we were doing everything right, and we simply didn't find anyone home... Oh well, I'm pretty sure we are passing through some hard times because we need to become better missionaries and we only become better through trials. I'm hoping with the start of our English Class this week we will be able to turn things around.

Transfers sure are anti-climatic when nobody gets transferred. Like today was supposed to be a super crazy day, and now its just another normal P-day. Oh well...

I think all Missionaries write less and less the closer we get to the end of the mission so, don't feel like its a personal thing Mom. I'm looking forward to Mother's Day :).

All my Love,
Elder Henry

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  1. I love you, Mike! Can't wait for you to get home. You'll get home while I'm up there in Oregon. Glad you didn't get transferred. You're doing a good job there, Mike. It's hard doing what you do in a foreign country! Give yourself some credit! I've been a busy Granny. I love you to pieces!

    Love, Gran Gran


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