Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy birthday Elder Henry!

Pancake breakfast at the Bishop's house before Conference on Sunday

Wonderful baptism Saturday between Conference sessions!

Canoas' Skyline

Dear Mom,
We did have a Dinner appointment lined up (for his birthday tonight), but then we decided that we need to go and teach instead of eat, so we postponed for a different day. Although seeing as we are headed off to the Temple today, we'll make sure to use the opportunity to get a nice hearty American Lunch at Outback Steakhouse. Thanks for the birthday lunch ;). 
     They only have crab grass here for lawns, although quite a few of the older folk have their own gardens. But yeah, nothing like the states lol. Our Zone P-day was pretty awesome, we got to play a few hours of basketball, which was AWESOME. There's nothing like playing basketball with Brasilians to just make you feel like a super-star LOL. We have district meeting every week, Zone Meeting every month, and a Multi-Zone Conference every 3 months. Those are some of your best times as a missionary, as you get to see and chat with your friends that are in a different area.
      That's super cool that President Harbertson's son is going to Porto Alegre Norte!
      President Wright told me to talk with the Secretary (about getting home early enough so it's before Sherry has to report to the MTC), so I think that's a yes. I'll have to talk with him to make sure he can book a flight on the right day/hour.
     So this week was just super full of things to do. It was great, and ended with two baptisms! Nothing better than Baptisms right? It was pretty cool because after the Morning session ended at 3, we all just went over to the Relief Society Room,  we had our baptism, and then we had a snack, and went back to conference. Just like General Conference was planned out to have a break just for our baptism ;).
     Other than that, we spent had an exchange this week, so I went with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Paula, and Elder Chidester went with Elder C. Neves to Rio Branco. It was a fun exchange and we worked our tails off. I'm really just enjoying this transfer a ton as I'm with Elder Chidester and we just work together great. We are working towards baptizing 4 more people this weekend, so we'll see how everything goes :).
     I need to get going to take the train to get to the temple. I love you thanks for all the birthday wishes.
Elder Henry
Dear Dad,
     I'll go ahead and write now as because if I wait, there probably won't be an opportunity. General Conference was really awesome. I just was waiting for it all week and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be. In fact we even got ourselves a pancake breakfast here on Sunday morning from our Bishop and his Wife thanks to mom sending me some maple extract. It was like a normal Sunday Morning at home. (Because here Conference is from 1-3 and 5-7 due to the time zones so we had spare time in the morning ;)).
      We ended up watching Priesthood session on Sunday morning as well because our mission president doesn't let us watch it at night, seeing as its so late (from 9-11 on Saturday night). I asked our bishop if we could catch the re-broadcast Sunday morning and he lent us the keys to get things all set up. It was great!
      New Dr. Who companion huh? Man a lot has happened since I've left on the mission, I can't wait to get caught up afterwords. And who knows, maybe Tori will go to London when she leaves on a mission! How cool would that be?
I love you Dad.
Elder Henry

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