Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter home from Elder Henry 4/15

Dear Mom,

So here is the deal on the flights, I have permission from president to leave a couple days early to get home in time to see Sherry. The only problem is we don't have any way to control when I come home, just when I hit get on the first plane. Basically what he told me is he doesn't choose the flights or anything like that. He tells Salt Lake, Elder Henry needs to leave on this day at this hour, and then Salt Lake books the flight and sends the passages back. So there is really no way to guarantee that I could show up in Salt Lake Wednesday morning. He said our safest bet would be to send me home on the Saturday before and then I'd show up sometime on Sunday in Vancouver which we have permission from president to do. The only bad part about this is I'd miss out on my final dinner with President and all of the missionaries that are leaving with me which I really don't want to miss out on. So my choice is really between my last dinner with my Mission Friends and Mission President, or see my sister before she leaves for a mission. We can't move the dinner either, because president has put a rule against it. I told the secretary I'd let him know what I want to do next week so yeah, I'm stuck in this situation. (i.e. What should I do?)

I haven't really lost all that much weight on the mission. I was looking the other day and I've gone down to about 202 pounds, before the mission I was around 210, so its not really all that much of a difference, which drives me insane because I'm working my butt off here, and I only eat like 1 meal a day!

Our baptismal dates have all fallen through. We'll probably scrape one back up to be baptised, but the other three just died out this week. We actually had a pretty rough week last week as everything fell through on our faces and we went to teach new investigators and nobody was home when they said they would be. The funny thing is with everything that happened last week usually I would be pretty upset/discouraged, but because of my companion Elder Chidester we are just having a great time together. Of course there are things we need to do better, but I'm just loving my time with him. We are just instant awesome friends :).

AHHHH TIME IS RUNNING OUT SO QUICK! Ever since they made a new but still 1 hour limit of E-mail mission rule I just never have enough time to write everyone. Sorry to cut you short, thanks for all the updates from home.

Lots of Love,
Elder Henry

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