Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Report Date for Alpine German-speaking mission

This is a conglomeration of all the little videos Wendy took for us--there is a little black part where she was comforting the shocked Sherry, it continues after that though

Sherry did surprisingly well on her German language phone screening, all the studying and practicing German really paid off.  She will only have to stay in the MTC for two weeks, so she will report two weeks prior to her departure to Europe, which is July 10th (basically she will be home working for the four extra weeks she doesn't have to spend in the MTC).  And she gets to go spend some time with her Granny in Baja, be a bridesmaid for Rachel and Hannah both now, and enjoy quality time with her friends, former teachers, and some of her good friends who are returning from missions at that time!

Oh, and Elder Henry?  His release date is July 10th.  We're going to have to see how we can work around with this so we can all be together for at least a little while, we hope!  Spencer will leave next summer, when Sherry has 6 more months on her mission.

I remember thinking about a year ago about how much I love being a Missionary Mom.  And that I was going to be sad when Michael came home and I had to wait two more years to send another one. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my children with the Children of God that they teach and serve on their missions!
This may be our last family photo for 5 years...we shall see!!!

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