Monday, March 18, 2013

Pig's Ears are yummy

Dear Mom,
Yup I got the new news about e-mails today. That's super crazy, I feel really strange sending e-mails to people that I haven't talked to for like a year and a half. I guess it doesn't really move anything in my mission because I've survived 19 months without e-mail to friends, so another 5 won't kill me, but it'll be great for Sherry and Spencer, right? It must be hard to be a Mom. You had to wait 21 years before you finally started to feel like you did something right as a Mom lol.
     I'm glad to hear that all is well on the home front. Everyone here asks me if my family is doing good, which is kind of funny because I don't ever even worry that something bad will happen to you guys while I'm here, because I know that the Lord will take care of you guys while I'm gone.
     I'll have to be a little bit shorter today, because now I have like 5 e-mails to write instead of 2 and I still only have an hour to do it all.
     This weekend was pretty rough for us, because Saturday almost all of our appointments fell through. Our only progressing investigator is doing great and is going to get her papers for the marriage so that she can be baptised in April. Man I do NOT want to wait until the end of April for another baptism. I'm getting all sorts of panicked because I just don't have that many months until the end of the mission, and I don't want to pass another one without baptising someone.       Anyways we are going to work super hard this week and next week so that on Easter Sunday we can have at least one baptism. I hope that everything will work out so we can meet that goal.
I love you mom, thanks for all the support.
Elder Henry
P.S. Almost forgot about my new companion, his name is Elder C from Draper, Utah. He's pretty new on the mission, 4 months, and I'm super super super grateful to be together with an American again. You know all my life you told me never to marry/date someone from a different country because there would be all sorts of cultural differences, and I never ever understood what you meant until I had Brasilian and African companions. Not that I didn't love them but there were just a couple cultural things that drove me CRAZY!!! Its funny but its never the big stuff that bugs you about your companion, but its all the little stuff they do that drives you bonkers :P. Anyways I'm loving my time with Elder Chidester and this transfer should be pretty AWESOME.
Dear Dad
That's great news about the Truck! I'm glad that after what 5 years of moving forward the truck has finally come to a halt! Its good to know that there are finally brakes on that truck that will stop us in the event of an emergency. I gotta go because time is up. I love you and love to hear from you.
Elder Henry
PS One more thing, I almost forgot to tell you. Remember those pig ears that we used to buy for Issac from petsmart that he loved? Yeah I found out last Saturday that Pig Ear is actually pretty tasty, now I know why he loved them so much. You just have to watch out to not eat the eardrum!
-Elder Henry

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