Monday, March 11, 2013

Elder Henry's letters are getting shorter

Dear Mom,
There really isn't an autumn here that I remember from last year. All the trees are still green but a lot of them will loose their leaves here in a bit. I'm pretty excited for the cold weather to come back. Oh and I did buy a new battery for the camera, but it was super expensive, 60 dollars for a dinky little battery. Oh well, at least I have a camera now right?
So today is transfers and Elder Moura will be leaving me tomorrow. I'll be staying here in Mathias Velho for a little bit longer, and we'll see who my new companion is tomorrow. Also Elder E. Black is headed out of our zone now as well. I really enjoyed having him here close this transfer. Its a bummer that we don't stay close longer than one transfer together. I think he's going to be the new assistant, but we'll see...
Haha, I totally forgot that Sherry will have even less time in the MTC because she knows a thing or two about German (she only has to stay two weeks, she's worked really hard to learn German since she began studying it last semester, her report date will either be changed to May 29 or July 3) :p. That's ok life is WAAAAY better in the field than in the MTC.
So we had a pretty sweet week this last week. First off I went on an exchange with Elder E. Black for a day, and man did that really just give me a turbo boost of what its like to be a missionary. We had some pretty epic lessons on the exchange and we just had a blast together. It was a lot of fun to stay together again for a day after being separated for such a long time. We have both learned a ton as missionaries in these last few months :).
Then on Friday and Saturday we found a ton of new families. At the end of the week we had found 22 new investigators. Only problem is only 2 went to church this week. But things are going well here, and I'm starting to really enjoy Mathias. Hopefully we'll be able to baptise this month :).
Anyways that was pretty much our week. I love you guys, thanks for all the updates from home.
Elder Henry
Dear Dad,
Maybe we'll have to take a trip together back to California for you not to miss it too much ;). That would be super cool if you got the upgrade on the Truck's brakes done and everything. Its been a long time since you decided that we needed to upgrade them haha. It would be super crazy for Sherry to leave one week and me come home on the other. Could you imagine it?
     Anyways Dad, thanks for the update on the home front. I hope you figure out these app's and get something started up ;).
Elder Henry

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