Monday, September 5, 2011

It's about time...

This tech-savvy family joined the world of Blogging.  I think its a great way to share Michael's mission letters, Sherry's adventures leaving at BYU, Spencer and Tori's humorous antics,  keep a family journal, and to hopefully make life more interesting! 
     Well I guess that second photo describes the behind the scenes of our family.  We like to laugh alot, Damon is always making awkward jokes (such as the time he told the missionaries that our ward "only sacrifices virgins to the best Elders..."  embarrassing!), Sherry trying to make jokes as awkward as her dad, everyone entertaining each other with their own talents and personalities, me trying to keep control but not quite succeeding...
     We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We love to share our beliefs, but if you believe differently we all respect that, too.  We try to live better each day.  Damon is a computer engineer/programmer type as well as Stake Athletic Director and Lisa is a mom, Stake Music Chairman and works for Crafts Americana Group doing customer service.  Michael is a missionary waiting for his visa to Brazil, he is studying Economics at BYU.  Sherry is studying musical theater at BYU, she just finished her first week.  Spencer is in high school and is on the tennis team, and Tori is in middle school. 
     I will end this intro now and get onto posting Michael's latest mission letter.

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