Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Sherry!

From the moment she not-quietly entered the world about exactly 18 years ago to today, we haven't been able to stop Sherry from talking, singing, screaming, shouting, dancing, speaking, and in general being the vortex for all the attention in our home.  None of us would have it any other way.  She has been a joy to raise and we have learned as much from her--or more--as she has from us.  What an amazing blessing it is to be able to give birth and raise children!  I have taken it for granted at times in my life, but at this point with half of my offspring grown and gone I certainly am cherishing every moment.

     Here are some fun things to celebrate our favorite 18 year old:

She looks the same, doesn't she?!  She was around 9 months old on the horsey.  I remember taking her to Valley River Center in Eugene for it.

This one was at her Preschool graduation, age 4.  Note the interesting bangs.  She cut her own bangs more times than I can count!

Always the tomboy, she enjoyed catching a Praying Mantis on one of our family vacations to Yellowstone.

 She was always a pretty little girl.  Again, she looks so much the same!

 She looks alot like her mommy at about age 11, too, here with a school project.

Oh goodness, did I really let her wear those pants?!!  School award ceremony, around grade 2.

 This is one of her senior photos from last year.  She's just beautiful inside and out!  It is so fun to watch her with children of all ages.  Recently we had a ward campout, and all the children were following her around and playing with her.  After a couple hours she sat them down at a picnic table and entertained them with this: 

 And last, this is one of my favorite songs she's ever performed.  It was just perfectly appropriate for her at the time, extremely difficult, and she sang it perfectly!

So pretty much, this video describes my daughter's silly fearless side:

Hilarious, spiritual, student, talented, humble, caring, child-loving, speaker, good friend, camper, smart, giving, servant, loud, quiet, hiker, reader, sports (esp football) fan, listener, dancer, singer, actor, basketball player, Volcano climber, daughter, sister, Child of God.

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  1. Sherry is beautiful inside & out. My oldest granddaughter, she is very unlike my daughters, so I have learned much from her. She's bright, smart, intuitive, stubborn, (the stubborn assures that she completes what she starts) cute, great sense of humor, well behaved,(mostly), & drop-dead gorgeous. She's always been nice to her granny & I appreciate her so much. It will be fun watching her in college & beyond. She has boundless energy, is a wonderful leader & will be successful. She's a great performer & of course, I'm hoping she carries through with this talent. I love my Sherry Berry! Love, Granny


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