Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest mission letter from Michael (still at the Provo MTC)

That's awesome news about Spencer's Tennis schedule. I totally see what you are talking about Spencer and Tori being mini-dad and mom.  (I pointed out in our latest family photo, if you take out Mike and Sherry, Tori and Spencer really quite strikingly look like their Mom and Dad respectively).  That's super funny about Elder Yamada.  He was in the ward forever!  Coming up on Elder Clark time neh?  (Elder Yamada is being transferred this week after being in the ward for 6 months--Elder Clark was here 11 months).
So I finally hit my first real milestone this week.  1 transfer done.  It's funny to think that that feels like such an accomplishment, especially considering I have 18ish more to go, but it really has been a trial being at the MTC.  You really learn a lot of Patience and other Christlike attributes.  I'm way excited to head out to the field.
So this past week something SUPER AWESOME happened.  Elder Holland of the Quorum of the 12 came and gave the devotional last Tuesday night.  I don't have my notes on me, but he talked a lot about how we as missionaries have a name to live up to.  That we can't just be 19-20 year old men, but missionaries.  He spoke a lot about his love for us, and then there was a Q and A session.  The spirit that was there was just incredible.  After the devotional nobody even moved for like 5 minutes.  Imagine 2000+ Elders after the closing prayer absolutely still and silent, just sitting in their seats after wards.  It really made me want to improve myself and become more Christlike so that we can be the "apostolic ministers" that he told us we are.
Last week was also a really good week for our investigators.  We now have both of our Progressing Investigators on date for baptism.  I also feel like I can understand the language a lot better.  Although the language is a bit of a roller coaster where one week you feel like you can't say anything and the next you are surprised when you are talking in half English half Portuguese.
Chase Horrocks is in my Branch as well, he lives just one floor above me so I'm really excited for him to be here.  It's going to be great having another friend here at the MTC.
I almost forgot!  Almost half of my district, including my companion, got to do their online applications for their visas last week.  We are all hoping that the rest of us will get a shot this week.  Nobody has obtained a visa yet, but we all have high hopes :).  I didn't get to complete the online last week but I'm really happy that my companion got to do it.
It's really strange now that our district is the oldest in the branch.  I don't feel all that much more knowledgeable, but I still remember thinking the people, who were where I am now when I came, were practically fluent.  Now we have the responsibility of helping out the younger districts.  I still have lots to learn about Portuguese but I'm happy that I am able to help someone with my skills.
I love you all, I hope you are having the time of your lives :)
Elder Henry

 Dear Dad,
I have one question for you.  What does an impression of me sound like? :P. (Elder Yamada did a hilarious but unintentional "Michael Henry, Ward Mission Leader" impression at dinner last night that Damon told Mike about).  I'm glad that you didn't kill yourself falling off the roof.  Just because your Mom came near death during your mission doesn't give you the right to kick the bucket while I'm gone.  You have to take care of yourself for your grandkids :).  (Damon's mom succumbed to cancer 5 months after he got home)
What's the house like with only 4 people at home?  I imagine its much quieter nowadays.  Mom says there is lots of work being done no both Mine and Sherry's room.  Sounds like I'll be sleeping in the playroom when I get home huh?  Maybe I'll just move straight to Provo when I come back :P.
 Everything is going great here at the MTC.  Being a missionary is hard don't get me wrong, but I can't ever think of a time that I have been so happy.  I'm not even in the field yet and I think its hard!  I'm doooomed XD.
 Com muito amor,
Elder Henry

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