Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26th, getting ready for a fiesta!

Dear Mom,
So we tried out the Mexican recipes that you sent me last week, and they actually turned out really well! We didn't end up finding any Chili Peppers, but the taco seasoning worked out pretty well without. So you guys are headed off to Disneyland this weekend right? Don't worry I'll learn from your mistakes and get the education taken care of first ;). That's awesome about the new missions that will be created! I doubt that any of them will be here in the south as the missionary work is the slowest here, probably a bunch of new missions in the northeast, maybe another for São Paulo XD. I just looked at the list and looks like there will be two more in São Paulo, and nothing here in the south. The closest new mission will be in Curitiba, Paraná.
Sounds good about Southridge and staying at Todd's for a while. It'll be a lot of fun to spend some time with him and talk about Brasil in Portuguese. The only problem will be transportation, so I'll -have- to have the car at BYU ;). I'm so proud of my little brother, go Spence! Beat those nerds! I was thinking the other day, I've always been looking forward to the day that he graduates and goes to BYU and we'd have a year or so together at the Y, but now that he'll probably go off on a mission at 18 that might never happen! What a tragedy :(.
Oh by the way my the battery of my Camera finally died. Its not holding a charge anymore. I'm going to look around today for a new battery and I'm pretty sure it won't be too hard to find, but just to let you know that I won't be taking pictures until I get this resolved.
Our week was absolutely fantastic. We are getting really excited for a Mexican Night this Friday, and looks like it will turn out a huge success (thanks again for the recipes ;). We found a bunch of investigators last week that have a lot of potential to be baptised. Unfortunately all of them need to GET MARRIED! Which means that we are going to have to wait a little while before the baptisms go through. This Sunday we had 3 progressing investigators at church. First off A.
A lives together with a less active member of the church, M, and we found her at church two Sunday's ago. She really doesn't have much of a religious background but she's having some great experiences at church. She's also reading the Book of Mormon and she told us on our last visit that after we had a kneeling prayer last Thursday she felt something really good and that she felt like hugging M, and that she never feels that way. Its funny to see how different people feel the spirit of the Lord in different ways, but slowly but surely she'll have the assurance that this really is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are teaching her.
We are also visiting another couple, a girlfriend non-member with boyfriend member less-active. They had a really hard week last week, as one of his brothers was murdered last Thursday, and then this Sunday before church ANOTHER friend of theirs was murdered in the street. Both died to gunshots, but I don't really know much more about the whole situation. We haven't had the opportunity to talk with them after these deaths as they have been with family and in Funeral services, but I'm very excited to be able to talk about the Plan of Salvation tomorrow with them. It will be a crucial lesson for her, because she'll either accept or reject the spirit in that lesson. I'm pretty sure it will go over really well, but we'll see tomorrow.
Last the sister-in-law of our ward mission leader, and has been going to church for about 6 months now. The reason she hasn't been baptised yet is because she smokes.  If there's one thing I've learned about cigarettes is that it really depends on the will of the person. Nobody can stop someone to smoke, they are the only ones that can choose to put it down.
Anyways that's been our week in a flash. I love you guys, thanks for taking care of me :).
Elder Henry

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