Monday, February 4, 2013

Elder Henry finally getting transferred.

P-day Hike a few weeks ago
Dear Mom,
I'm finally being transferred tomorrow. I was pretty sad yesterday when I was thinking about leaving here and not seeing GravataĆ­ anymore. But that's how life goes. I'm excited to see a new city meet new people, new challenges, but I will miss GravataĆ­. This is the area that I really turned from young-Elder Henry to veteran Elder Henry. We'll see where I'm headed tomorrow. (The tradition in Porto Alegre North is they find out at the bus station on Transfer Day).
This last week was HOT. Thursday and Friday both exceeded 100 degrees and we were out on the street knocking doors. Saturday was a lot better as it decided to rain which cooled things down.
I can't wait to hear the news about Sherry's call next week!!!!!
Tell Spencer that I got 100% in all my Economics tests at Clark. He'll have to study a little bit harder to be able to beat me.
Man now I have to pack all my bags. I'm absolutely dreading having to do that.
Last week was ok in the work. I feel like we are bating a lot of doors and nothing is happening. Maybe that's why I'm being transferred, who knows? I'm going to have to call my converts to let them know I'm leaving. In all I'm pretty happy with the work I'm leaving behind here. I had a goal of 12 baptisms in this area and ended up with 11, just one short. I've learned a lot with Elder De Pina as well, and really worked my butt off with him. We did have a pretty neat experience this week as well.
     Last Sunday (January 27th) we began to teach J. He's a complicated case as he's already been  wrapped up in all the wrong things. He said I want to change my life around, I want to be happy and have a good relationship with my Dad. We invited him to church and marked to return on Wednesday. On Wednesday he wasn't there and I figured he'd disappeared once again completely forgot about him. Then on Sunday while I was waiting for our investigators to show up, guess who walks in the door. J! We talked with him again yesterday and it looks like he really has the will to turn around his life. I was really surprised to see someone in his situation with the willpower to change his life around.
     Anyways that was pretty much the highlight of the week. I need to get going because there's a lot of stuff to get done today!
Elder Henry
Want to be rich?  Ask the missionaries!
For some reason they decided to spread all their money on the table and take photos.  Such funny guys!

Dear Dad,
     That's really sad to hear about taking away all of Isaac's things (our dog who died July 4th). The
deck will be so much emptier now. I suppose it will be good, but still its
like Isaac never even existed! That's how life goes I suppose. Just
think, your house will just keep getting emptier and emptier every year
that passes by now.
     I laughed when I saw your last sentence. I'm glad Tori is getting the help
that she needs. That's really the benefit of a family, is that you always
have what you will need and everyone works together to help one another.
I'm very grateful for having had such a great family and being raised in
the Gospel. The things you learn on the mission right?
     I gotta go, but I love you Dad
Elder Henry

Dear Gran Gran,
     How I miss swimming in the ocean. Especially on a really hot day, there's nothing like being on the beach in the ocean with a nice breeze. After living here in Brasil I don't think I'm EVER going to want a dog ever again. There's nothing worse than dogs barking at you all day long when you are trying to work.
     It's not official yet but it looks like I'll be leaving here on July 10th and arriving there July 11th. We'll have to see if the date moves. In about a month or so I'll have the plane tickets already booked.
Got to go. Love you!

Elder Henry
Elder DePina at the top of the mountain they climbed on p-day.  Look at the pretty foliage too!

Elder DePina and another missionary enjoying delicious food! And Pepsi it looks like, not Coke?!?! =)

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