Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elder Henry 2/13/12 Transferred to Canoas

Dear Mom,
Nope I'm not training. It looks like all the Americans got stuck in America again, because we were supposed to get 20 missionaries this transfer, and only 13 showed up. I almost forgot that you don't know where I am. I didn't move too much, I'm in Canoas now, which is about 25 KM from Gravataí. From my apartment I can see Porto Alegre, so its not really all that exciting of a place to be :P.
I don't know if I've ever explained this to you guys, but here in Brasil everything works in Bairros, which are kind of like neighborhoods, only they are like the size of Hazel Dell, or St. Johns, or Salmon Creek. I'm in Mathias Velho, which is about 3 km from the Center of Canoas. My new companion is Elder Moura, from Rio Grande do Norte. Oh, and I'm close to Elder E. Black again! He's my zone leader this time around, but we are having all sorts of fun calling each other and catching up on old times. By far my favorite companion on the mission!
Wow, what a trip about Sherry's mission call. I never would have guessed, actually I was pretty close with Italy wasn't I? I'm super excited to hear the news. How cool it is for Sherry to go to Europe! I don't even really know what to say about the whole "super coincidence" of Sherry going to Preston's mission, I'm just a little bit sad because that probably means Elder E. Black will never get a chance with Sherry *sigh*. Oh well sometimes your plans just don't turn out how you want them to.
Next up is a list of all the things I call from Sherry:
- Her Cell Phone
- The Car
- Her Job
- Maybe her Laptop, I'll have to look and see first
- Any other cool electronics that she has that I don't know about
Tori can keep the clothes. OH, and now for sure Sherry will have PLENTY of room in HER CLOSET for HER (formal) DRESSES. So the first thing I want to happen when she leaves is the vacancy of my closet of all female clothes.
I'll write more if I think of anything else ;)
One of the most important things you didn't include is when she's leaving. Dad mentioned that she'll be leaving before I get home, but you guys didn't give me a date or anything. How weird I wont see Sherry for another year. 3 and a half years without seeing each other. Its almost like we aren't siblings o.o. Maybe by the time she gets back I'll already be graduated from BYU XD.
One more cool thing I thought of right now. You know how you say German in Portuguese? Alem√£o and the country is Alemanha. How weird, in German, English and Portuguese the word 'German' is completely different one from another.
Anyways I'm going to finish up this letter. There's not a whole lot to talk about my new area as I'm still trying to get to know who's who. Also we have to find some new investigators, because this area doesn't have a whole lot of movement going on. Everyone is pretty discouraged about missionary work, so I have a lot of work to do to get everyone excited again. Oh before I forget, I'm going to make Tacos for a ward activity in March, and I can't buy taco seasoning here. Could you send me a recipe in what goes in homemade taco seasoning for ground beef? Also if you find a recipe for Refried beans and Mexican Rice, that would be a great help!
Elder Henry
P.S. GO SHERRY! I'm super proud of you for choosing to serve a mission!
Also, let me know exactly what the rates are for where Sherry lives, and the address.

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