Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trippin out to Utah to see Sherry

Chillin' at Sherry's luxury dorm
They missed each other so!

They shared a room for 13 years!

Sissy snuggle time

Siblings much?  Twinners?!
The twins again (ironically, Spencer and Tori used to be mistaken for twins

They love their little sissy

While we were dry...


Doo dee doo

And after the waterfall drenched all of us!


Sherry was the dryest but her bum was soaked!

Log ride

Camera was too slow to catch the splashdown!

Haha you got wet!


Candid At Lagoon

Loved swimming outside!

In the Monte L Bean Life Museum

Spencer being stalked by a Cougar

The girls with Kelsey

Seeing Wizard of Oz at SCERA's outdoor theater
Don't be fooled, Sherry is on her tiptoes
I didn't cry...much =)
Damon has pretty amazing packing skills

Tina was SO happy when we were home!

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