Thursday, June 7, 2012


This is Princess Sherry's Provo Castle this summer--she shares it with one other lady when there aren't campers ("My Peasants")

So I've always been a little overly interested in fashion, I know intellectually it is silly and frivolous, but I just can't help myself.  Its fun!  It also helps you put your best foot forward when people are meeting you for the first time.
     I am also cheap.  Four kids will do that to ya.  Thrifting/bargain hunting/clearance racks have been a staple in my life since around age 12 or 13.   I love to find great things on clearance, or on sale plus a coupon, or thrifted from Goodwill.  We have REALLY good Goodwills here in the PacNW.  The prices aren't that low for thrift, but the quality is great.
     Now that I have adult size daughters, I have been able to have tons of fun buying outfits for them, too!  (I guess I've had alot of fun dressing them since they were born, but now the clothes fit them for longer).  I can't tell you the thrill of finding a new or like new dress for $7.99.  Dresses and skirts are especially easy to thrift, because they don't tend to be as well worn as other items. 
     So I am definitely not a Royal Watcher or anything, but I have noticed since the royal wedding last year (which had such a strong influence on bridal attire!) Kate Middleton tends to wear very similar things to Sherry.  They have the same tall thin frame with long arms and legs, and both dress very modestly.  The latest one that was so striking to me was the yellow dress, it is almost identical to one of Sherry's I got at Goodwill for her a couple years ago, then we added yellow dyed lace to the bottom so it would be long enough (that is about as custom as she gets from me these days haha).

Sherry's version cost around $10 including added lace.
This is a Jones New York I bought new, it was too perfect to pass up.  The final sale price of $35 is about 5% of Kate's $600 dress, and I think the look compares well

You'd never catch my girls in a hat like that--well maybe Tori she is quite the Anglophile due to Dr. Who.  Tori's dress was on clearance at JC Penney, Sherry's was thrifted--a Calvin Klein for $7.99.  Very good day at Goodwill.


Ah yes. The Pièce de résistance. I spotted this dress back when Sherry was a sophomore in high school I think, maybe the beginning of her junior year. It was lined with a nude lining at the time. She felt uncomfortable with that because she didn't want to look, well, NAKED under her dress. So I tore out the lining and bought her a white slip to put under it. Kate wears lace a LOT, here are two similar dresses she has worn. Oh and I purchased Sherry's at Ross, for maybe $30 (alot for me at Ross but it was and still is perfect!). Love the Tiffany blue color!

As Sherry pointed out, it isn't like she's wearing the exact same dresses, but the styles are really similar.  Anyway, if you want any shopping tips just leave me a comment!


  1. Love this--and Sherry is such a pretty girl anyway. :-) And yes, I love the classic styles the Duchess wears...

    1. I forgot to put a photo of Sherry's "castle" on this post! I will have to do that since that is why I titled it "Princess" haha.


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