Thursday, February 16, 2012

...and now for the rest of the family

Its a lot easier to copy and paste Michael's letters here but I want to also enjoy looking back at what the rest of the family is up to.

    Just got the news that Spencer is one of the leads in Prairie Ground's next show!  He just finished A Midsummer Night's Dream, playing Philostrate who is basically Theseus's wedding planner.  He was awesome in his small part (he is only a sophomore after all) and had a blast.  All of the pretty and nice girls in the production may or may not have something to do with how fun it was.  He loves doing comedy and his director says he has comic timing like his older sister.  He will be taking the Compass test to try to get into Running Start very soon, he's looking forward to attending Clark next year with some of his best friends from Church.  He was just elected Team Captain for his Scout team, and is serving as President of his Quorum at church, so finally having an opportunity to develop some leadership qualities that we know he's had the potential to do.  He is a middle child so its especially good for him ;o).

     Tori recently enjoyed her first Blazer game.  She has really loved cheering on the Portland Winterhawks hockey team with her friend Bailey, so when our good friend gave Damon a pair of Blazer tickets he decided to take her.  She has come so far with her Sensory Integration issues!  This is a child who had a meltdown each week at church as a small child because it was so overwhelming.  She is doing awesome!  She is working really hard at school and doing her homework each night like a champion (only Sherry has more homework than Tori!).   

     Sherry is plowing away at her core classes and really thriving in the learning environment BYU provides.  She works super hard--for example on Valentine's day she was not on a romantic date, she was up until 2:30am practicing a scene for her acting class then up at 7am to study for a midterm!  The life of a college student.  She did go to bed about 9 the next night.  Her dance classes are bringing her a lot of joy, plus she is running several times a week with her roommate Hannah, not to mention the huge flights of stairs she climbs several times a day--fitness is not a problem.  She has a terrific boyfriend, he will be leaving on a mission sometime this summer (and admits to being a little bit distracted this semester lol).  She plans on staying in Provo for the summer and working, so her "spare time" is spent job hunting.  She calls herself the happiest person she knows--that makes her parents very happy and proud! 
The height difference reminds me of a couple I know....below

     I am loving my new job SO much.  My coworkers are all terrific, and my new manager is the best!  I feel so blessed and I like to go to work each day.  I finally feel like I have a good grip on my main duties and its fun learning new things too.  We have alot of funny conversations and everyone seems to enjoy their jobs.  Now I just need a new sewing machine and to learn to knit so I fit in better...(need--haha--with a missionary and college student riiiight!).  I am very grateful to be able to help support the kids in their worthwhile endeavors.

     Damon is being an awesome husband and father as usual--he has picked up alot of the housework duties since he works from home, and also does homework with Tori every night.  We're coming up on our 23rd anniversary in May and still very very happy we chose each other--even though we were crazy people getting engaged and married that quickly!  Oh, youth!

Let us know how you're doing!

23 years ago!

In the middle of our happily ever after =)


  1. I so much appreciate the remarks about the rest of the family. You & Dame look the same as you did 23 years ago. Still a beautiful couple & for a mom, "...happily ever after..." for my children is such a blessing. You have all grown in love & I'm so proud of you. Love, Mommy

    1. Thanks Mom! I giggled when I looked at those two photos together too, we still look the same albeit aging--gracefully thanks to our parents' good genes.


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