Monday, February 20, 2012

Visa progress....finally.

Dear Mom,
     I actually just got a phone call from the Mission Office!  My Online Portion of my visa is waiting down at the Mission Office and I have to just go down an fill it out!!!  It should be about 6 weeks and then my Visa should be here.  Talk about exciting right?
     I've been super bad about taking Pictures in this area, plus the computers here are too slow to upload photos so the ones I have taken I haven't said.   These computers are so slow I can't even type correctly.  I promise as soon as I get a good computer I will send lots of pictures.
     I'll look for some postcards today.  You are right as always I just need to make some time to write/send thank you's.  What do you mean by inserts?  Do you mean insoles for the shoes?  Do they not have very much cushion in them?  I'm good so far as other stuff.  Staying pretty warm and lots of food for my belly.
     My computer is freaking out so this will be a very short E-mail, I apologize.  This last week Lyn committed to baptism, came to church and is set to be baptized on Sunday!  Her son, who joined a few months ago, is going to baptize her :).  I'm super excited for her, and especially for her son, what a blessing to be able to bring your mom the gospel.
     We've had a lot of progress on our other investigators, especially Nicole.  She's almost stopped smoking, so close.  I'm really getting along with Elder Dixon, I love him so much.  It's a lot of fun to spend time with him.

I can't believe my electronic visa finally came!!!
Elder Henry

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