Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stories of our life - Ending 2014, Beginning 2015

Sherry arrived home in December and was so sweet and emotional at the airport where friends and family gathered to welcome her back from Germany.

Released the next morning by Pres. Christensen
Her boyfriend Sam welcoming her home (he didn't forget her! <3 )
She was home for a few days, then went to Baja to visit her Granny and Grampy Ace with her bff Katy

Would you believe she went to Utah right after that, to be a bridesmaid for her best friend/companion ChaiDee Woods Brown's wedding?

 And she saw her Provo Mom Wendy!

Then we enjoyed Christmas with Mike and Shavonne home also

Tori Choir Concert
"Family Picture" with Spence!
Skyping Elder Spencer Henry in Costa Rica on Christmas Eve
We were able to have the Elders for Christmas Dinner and skyping their families
They are SO in love
Ovation/Boychoir Reunion

And Nick & ChaiDee came for Sherry's homecoming talk and gathering at the end of December, then whisked her away back to BYU where so many mission friends are studying or live nearby

Damon - really enjoying his new job and lots of travel that comes along with it. He is still teaching Sunday School and subbing for High Priests and Seminary any time he can grab a gig from friends who are going out of town.
Lisa - Loves her seminary class (the best seminary class) so much. Managing the crazy schedule of a full time job (still at Crafts Americana with a wonderful manager and coworkers!) and part time seminary teacher, weekends are full of errands and resting up for the next week.
Tori - doing great in Seminary, Young Womens, choir, school, and her hobbies of singing and drawing!
Sherry - you can find her "after mission blog" here, she will be performing at BYU in Princess Academy in May-June.
Michael & Shavonne - finishing up at BYU, enjoying teaching their missionaries at the MTC, and preparing to move to Atlanta after graduation this spring, Michael took a job with a GERMAN company (ok they also have offices in Brazil to be fair) as an Actuary.
Spencer - just loving his mission so much, you can read about it here!

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