Monday, April 16, 2012

Michael is heading for Brazil Thursday. Finally.

Dear Mom,I'm FINALLY LEAVING!!!!  WOOOHOOO!!!!  Thursday morning at 7:00 I'll be in the air on my way to Salt Lake, then off to Atlanta, Sao Paulo, and finally Porto Alegre.  A total of 28 hours of travel.  The longest flight is 10 hours so that will be an experience.
     Sad news is I'm being transferred today to Cypress 4th ward for 2 days :P.  So I'll spend 2 days in an area and then be gone.  I wish I could work those last two days in Whittier but that's how things go.  I don't know the address to my new apartment, or my mission office address in Porto Alegre.
      I got the archive photo CD's this morning and will put them in the mail this afternoon, after I'm done packing for Brasil.  I'm glad you told me about the 70 pound weight limit for Brasil rather than 50 pounds because the church didn't tell me anything about it.  Looking through all the pictures of the time I've spent here made me remember all the fun I've had.  Thank you for commanding me to take lots of pictures ;).
     We found two new investigators last week, one who accepted baptism for May 19th.  I'm so overwhelmed with excitement right now to finally go to Brasil that its hard to think about what happened last week and all the progress I've made with investigators.  No one new came to church the last week, but Steve R's son came to church even though his Dad had to go to work.  He being 13 and his 7 year old sister decided that they liked church so much, they wanted to come whether or not their Parents could make it.  What an awesome example he's setting for his parents even before his baptism.  We are going to ask his parents to see if he can be baptized right now, even though Dad isn't quite ready.
     Its pretty sad to finally leave the Long Beach California Mission, I've had a lot of good times here and lots of trials that have made me much the better person and missionary.  Seeing that travel itinerary though made me SOOO happy.  It's finally happening :).
~Elder Henry

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