Monday, April 30, 2012


Sherry says goodbye see you in two years to this wonderful young man this week.  Good luck in the Alpine German-Speaking Mission (Austria, S. Germany, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland), Preston!

OK I promise.  This is the last video of Sherry for a while.  Can you tell I miss her?  This looks alot better when you go to YouTube to see it and view it in highest quality HD.  Her hair is so pretty in some of the shots...its a simple student script and very short--its a film class project of her friend Seth, not a script class project or acting project.  (aka not much to work with here but some of her friends did say they cried when they watched it anyway).

You can either click on the little "YouTube in the corner or here is the link  then you change the settings by going to the little gear/flower icon (gear if you're a guy, flower if you're a girl).

I get to see her in less than two months.  Can I just say, its incredible how quickly your children materialize into adults?  One day you are asking them if their homework is done, and just a few months later they are on their own and rarely cross the threshold of the doorway.  I think that's been the biggest surprise to me as my two oldest left home (Mike for the 2nd time) within a month of one another last summer.  I couldn't be happier with how each of them is spending their time (Michael on his mission in Brazil and Sherry working at BYU for the spring and summer then straight back to full time school--with a scholarship!--in the fall) and the mature and adult manner in which they conduct their lives.  And it has helped me treasure each moment with Spencer and Tori even more.  But sometimes I wish I could time travel back to when they were babes in arms!
Sigh.  Time flies!  Treasure it!

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