Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No missionary letter this week

Sorry friends!  I think Michael attached some photos and Comcast bounced it.  Of course it would be the week I am assigned to speak in Church, mostly about his mission...here are couple family photos for your entertainment in the meantime.

Family bowling trip during winter break

The kids showing off their tickets...uh well the girls anyway ;o)

Family Photo with Tina Kitty--note Spencer is taller than Sherry

Our little Christmas tree in the front room

Tina Kitty!  Best cat in the world!

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  1. Hi there! Let me introduce myself! My family and I live in Northern Utah and our son, Elder Calder just got transferred to Vancouver. He is Spanish speaking and I guess there are only 4 Spanish elders. He says there is a Spanish branch so I dont know what ward they are affiliated with. Anyway - his companion is Elder White and he has been there a while. So.. If you run into them- give him a big hug from his mama bear! My email is tec@cut.net and my name is Tammy.


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