Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Culture shock! Elder Henry is home!!!

Elder Henry has actually had a pretty good time adjusting back to normal life, but I was typing some of the funny things he said when we first got him back from Brasil. Oh and btw, the family from last week did get baptized, yay Facebook for keeping in touch with members from your mission.  Enjoy!
THERE HE IS!!!!!!!!


The Mom hug!!!

Family hug!

Tori taking a photo with her "new" phone (aka Sherry's old phone)

I couldn't stop hugging him or smiling!

WHOA this phone is like a computer!!!

He looks great!

Good old American Root Beer.

Tori also inherited Sherry's guitar

Elder Henry and Sister Henry in the MTC!  I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!!!

Seeing Sherry at the MTC
Reunited with Gran Gran
Sherry's good friend Andrew served in the mission next to Michaels so I made them wear their matching soccer jerseys for  a photo to send her!

Michael's initial reactions to the USA:

These cars are so big!
I love carpet!
The highway is so big!
Tina is so fat!
Is the cell phone 3g or 4g?
What can you all do on the cell phones?
Oh look its the carpet in our house (Tori showing him a photo of the cats)!!!
Every single house has 4 or 5 dogs and there are lots of street dogs they are nasty they bite they have Sarna a black skin disease you can get from them they are all deformed. Terrible smell.
The cats take care of themselves
Telling us about how the Brazilians thought mild mexican food was so spicy
BAH is an expression of surprise or excitement
Uhhu means yes or uh huh
MOM! I want to do all the laundry when I get home! I can't wait to use a dryer instead of hanging everything! And I want do all the dishes!!!
Where are the dirt roads?
Wait we have unlimited minutes?!!! In Brazil I had 100 minutes a month! The United States is great!
I'm cracking myself up with my own accent! English is weird!
The first time he ate tacos, without hot sauce, he thought they were spicy.  hahaha!

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  1. So glad you are home & love your love of being back home. Culture shock is what I go through every year when I come home. There's so much STUFF in the United States! Loved the pictures & comments. Welcome home, my dear grandson!
    Love, Granny


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