Monday, January 14, 2013

Elder Henry January 14th

 Dear Mom,
If I send this E-mail 4 or 5 times, it’s because of this stupid Keyboard and keyboard shortcuts.  I still am unable to send photos, but we had 3 baptisms this weekend.  V, R, and B were all baptized.  It was pretty awesome :).

We have enough Priesthood holders on both sides of the ward, I'm not sure if in the end they will split the wards though... Because we have a sacrament meeting attendance of about ~120 after the split it'll be at 50 and 70, but the Bishop and Stake president are all for the split.  We'll see what the area authorities have to say though.  They've already sent off the paperwork and we are waiting for a response.

Splitting the ward is pretty much the best thing that can happen for the missionaries and for the Bishop.  Everyone else though complains.  But it’s good because everyone will have an opportunity to grow, and the ward will need more members, which means the members will have to work and baptize more people to make sure the ward keeps on functioning.

So far as housing at BYU, what I'll have to do is get a contract just for fall semester instead of buying a contract for a full year so I don't have to sell the contract.  We'll also have to look at prices and location, because I know more or less where to live, where not to live, and for sure I'm not going to rent out a 6-man apartment.  4 is my limit. 

The weather has not been nice and cool.  It’s been in the high 80's and 90's all week long.  Its good weather to stay in and turn on the Air Conditioning, not to go out and walk around in the sun in black pants and a dress shirt, but of course it could be worse.  It’s also been nice and cool at night, but let me tell you I'm not going to miss the weather here.

Oh!  I received all my packages this last week no problems.  I really have no idea what I'm going to do with all these Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards though...  There are a lot more than I expected. (He asked for them for the little kids in his ward for Christmas, but Brazilian mail is SLOW!)

So V, her daughter B were baptized on Saturday. R also was baptized, and his parents are also showing a lot of interest in the church.  They were talking with the Bishop about getting married in the chapel and everything.  Also they showed up to church on Sunday.  

We also have another investigator that went to church yesterday named N.  We found her a week ago, and ever since the first day we went there she has stopped smoking.  She was smoking 2 packs per day, we talked with her about it and are helping her stop smoking.  She really is incredible and full of miracles.  It’s awesome to see someone progressing so fast, it’s awesome to see that sometimes you just have to invite someone to do what is right and they are willing to accept.  Brazil really is full of miracles.

Well I better get writing to President before my time expires.  I love you thanks for always looking out for me and planning out my future :).

Elder Henry

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