Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gravataí 8/14/12

 Dear Dad,
That's super exciting news about lithium ions in the truck :). Not quite a Tesla, but a huge upgrade from the 10-15 mile range we were getting. Speaking of Electric Cars, how are the new production line EV's holding up? Are they selling well or looking like another flop?
     The new sports court they have at the new chapel has a basketball court, so I took the liberty of purchasing a basketball to put it to good use. Speaking of which I spent quite a bit of money this past week and wanted to let you know where your money is going,
     Tuesday I bought some books from the temple as well as a couple DVD's. Including a hymnal for Elder Roman for his birthday, I believe the total came to around $35-40.
     Monday I bought some contact solution (20 dollars a bottle down here!), as well as medicine that the doctor in São Paulo recommended for me. Today I bought a basketball and a pump for another 20 dollars.
     I believe that's everything, sounds like you are enjoying the last bit of summer break. Here in 2 or 3 weeks everything will be back to school and in the grind once more. I love you and thanks for writing.
Dear Mom,
So the open house at the Chapel went just about as well as I expected it to be.  The first day, Thursday, pretty much only members showed up, I only talked with one or two non-members, but somehow other people were there that I didn't end up talking with.  Friday was a lot busier, and we had a good amount of members and non-members show up.  We actually had an opportunity to teach a lesson or two at the chapel, which was fun.  Saturday was the dedication and went well.  The new chapel was FULL of people, mostly members, but a lot of less active members and a couple of investigators as well.  I couldn't tell you what was actually said though, the Stake President here has an awful habit of mumbling his words, and we were sitting way at the back.
      Unfortunately I brought my camera to the dedication, but forgot to check the battery level before heading over.  After pulling it out to take pictures, I found out the battery was dead -.-'.
     I'm jealous you can hop into a nice cool pool of water, its steaming hot outside, somewhere between 28-30 degrees (C of course).  A pool sounds like a grand time.
     The work here is really starting to progress, we have a good teaching pool and a good amount of people who really show a desire to learn and act.  We had a really neat experience with one of our investigators, L. this past weekend.  She came to church for the first time, and she received a testimony of the gospel.  She felt something at church she had never felt before, (I.E. the Holy Ghost) and she told us yesterday that she there is nothing more important to her now than to continue firm in the church.  She has a baptismal date for the 25th of August, quite the miracle.  I don't know if I told you how we found her, but I'll tell you again.
     We were teaching her Mother, who really wasn't progressing at all.  We actually had returned that day to tell her that we weren't coming back.  In the middle of the lesson, L. pokes in her head (I had no idea she lived in the same house at the time) and asks if she can sit in and listen.  Of course we responded yes!  She then went on to tell us how she had heard about the Church on a television program (somebody named Dr. Ray) and she really wanted to know more about the church, but didn't know how to find out more.  Then just days later we show up with exactly what she wanted, from there she began to read the Book of Mormon, pray, and when she went to church for the first time, she received a witness of the truth :).  Its been an amazing experience all around.
      I. and his wife are going to go to the cartório (place where you sign marriage papers) this Friday to be married.  I'm really excited for their baptism as well (which will take a little bit of time, but I have some to spare).  I'm just sad for Elder Roman because we have 5 baptisms coming up and Transfers are next Tuesday.  Probably he'll be leaving and I'll be receiving a new companion.  We'll see though.
     Today is Elder Roman's Birthday, he turned 20 today so we celebrated by going to a member's house for lunch.  Only problem is the oven was all out of propane (instead of gas pipes here, we use propane tanks inside the house) so the meat didn't cook!  We waited for 2 hours and the meat still wasn't done.  By the time we figured out what had happened, we had to get going, but we had a nice little Torta de amendoim (Peanut Pie) which was delicious :).
     Also big news, starting next week all P-days will be on Monday instead of Tuesday.  So make sure to write on Sunday nights or Monday mornings.
     I love you all so much, thank you for writing me,
Elder Henry

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