Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elder Henry is mortal, after all

Hey Mom,> Sunscreen (very expensive here) - Have Plenty
> mosquito repellent - Have plenty
> hand sanitizer - Have plenty
> chap-stick - Have plenty
> Gold bond powder or Baby powder - Have plenty
> Anti-perspirant (can't buy here) - Have plenty
> Multiple vitamins (very expensive here) - Have plenty
> Advil or Tylenol (very expensive here) - Have plenty
> Allergy medication, - Don't have or really need. I have some decongestants and other cold/flu meds from last flu season.
> Ear plugs to sleep better at night - Oh how I wish I had these
>a new belt? - Definitely need one, but I can buy one here pretty cheap
>cake/brownie mixes? Another on my wish list.
So far as sweaters go I'll be able to find one down here pretty easy. I picked up some thermals from the temple store today.
Carmen and Luan moved their baptismal date to next weekend. It will probably work out better this way and when we went back yesterday they were just as excited to be baptized this Saturday. Their first question when we walked in yesterday was, "We are still good for the baptism this Saturday right?" She's definitely ready to be baptized. We've just about finished all the lessons with her and everything should be set to go. We are going to review the Restoration with her and Luan before Saturday and keep in touch with them every day this week.
This last week was pretty rough for us, we spent a lot of time walking instead of teaching. Also moving the baptism was a little disappointing, but we've since recuperated. The language of course comes in waves of good and bad. Just as soon as you start to feel a little bit comfortable, someone will say something that appears so basic to them that you just don't know because you haven't been here very long. They get frustrated with you, you get frustrated with you, its a very hard process. I definitely wouldn't be able to learn a language outside the mission.
I also caught a bit of sickness the past couple days. Last week my stomach was giving me all sorts of problems, and now I seem to have caught a cold/flu. I just got out of cold season to jump right back into it -.-". I've got a cough, runny nose, and sore throat. I hate being sick, especially as a missionary.
We went to the temple today with President Pavan and all the departing missionaries because Elder Oba will be going home on Tuesday. So I'll be E-mailing next Monday rather then Tuesday because of transfers. Its funny to see how each missionary handles the end of the mission. Elder Oba doesn't even realize its coming, but some of the other Elders were balling their eyes out when they were at the temple for the last time as a missionary. Fortunately I've got lots of time left on my mission :).
Elder Holland's visit was pretty much the exact same as the discourse he gave in the MTC. What was particularly funny was he said, "I never give the same talk twice!" yet what he called "Introduction" to his talk was almost word for word the same. He talked a lot about what we mean to the church, and our images as missionaries. He also talked about the Plan of Salvation and especially the roles of the fall of Adam and Atonement of Christ in the forwarding of our eternal progression.
Well that's about all for this week. I'm feeling pretty down at the moment, which happens as a missionary, I just wish it hadn't happened right after the temple. Today has been very taxing for me, and being sick hasn't helped at all.
I love you all tons, thanks for keeping in touch with me. There is nothing more devastating to a missionary than when his Mom doesn't write him. Thanks for being there for me :)
Elder Henry
Our Brazilian Feast in Michael's Honor (with our Guarana Antarctica!)
This is our Brazilian Beef dish
And black beans too, rice is on the left.

Porto Alegre Mission, Elder and Sister Holland in the center, Elder Henry 1/3 from the top left


  1. I miss mister Mike :(


    1. Thanks for keeping in touch Cody =) I always tell him when his friends say hi.


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